• Bio Tech


    Course Description:

    Is it possible to grow food using animal waste?  We will be exploring biogeochemical cycles (nitrogen and carbon), life cycles of plants and fish, as well as soil and water monitoring and management.  Some of the technological skills we will develop include soldering, building circuits and programming microcontrollers and sensors. It is recommended that students have a background and interest in biological sciences. The final goal of the course is to construct functioning aquaponics systems.


    • The sun is the main source of energy for biological systems on the surface of the earth.

    • Plants transform light energy into chemical energy, which then can be used by other living things.

    • Renewable and non-renewable resources provide for human needs (energy, food, water, clothing and shelter).

    • The environment is impacted by the consumption of resources and generation of waste

    • Human actions related to agricultural systems affect the health of the environment

    • Living components in the ecosystem are dependent upon the non-living components

    • Climate and soil conditions affect the diversity of plants and animals in an ecosystem.

    • Cycles exist in an ecosystem (Specific focus on the nitrogen cycle)

Last Modified on August 25, 2017