Welcome to Mrs. Sterndale's Advanced Biology I class information page.

    I use Canvas for my courses to which all students, learning support teachers, and parents/guardians have access.  I use Canvas to post all resources for the course including: weekly class agendas, electronic copies of assignments and readings, links to any web-based resource (videos, lecture slides, websites, virtual labs), bellringer questions, class discussions, due date reminders, and general class announcements.  If the student is ever absent from class due to an illness, activity, etc., Canvas should be their first stop to see what happened in class that day and access the necessary resources to stay caught up when they return to class.  In Canvas, I will post weekly modules that will include the week's agenda as well as daily "headers" to show what work will be performed each day.  This can include assignments, videos, lecture notes, discussions, and bellringers or exit tickets.  The newest week's module will always appear at the top of a student's Canvas "Modules" stream.  Please also pay attention to "Announcements" and "Grades" to stay up to date in the course and its pertinent information.  Canvas is a great way to best facilitate student success and organization in biology class.

    **In order to see published assignments and tests, please view the Canvas Calendar for this course.


    Please click the embedded image link below to access the Course Syllabus and Teacher Introduction.

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