Welcome to Mrs. Sterndale's Advanced Biology I class information page.  To see a complete overview of the course, content outline, classroom expectations, and late work policy, please click on the "Advanced Biology I Syllabus" link above.
    I use Google Classroom for my course to which all students and learning support teachers have access.  I use Google Classroom to post all resources for the course including: weekly class agendas, class resources for each lesson, electronic copies of assignments and readings, links to any web-based resource or video, posted daily bellringer questions, assignments, due date reminders, and general class announcements.  If the student is ever absent from class due to an illness, activity, etc., Google Classroom should be their first stop to see what happened in class that day and access the necessary resources and papers to stay caught up when they return to class.  I hope this system best facilitates student success and organization in biology class.