• 2020-2021 MMHM Club Activities: 

    Due to the current pandemic and our Health and Safety Plan, all meetings will be held remotely. Contact our club advisors to join.


    2019-2020 MMHM Club Activities:

    Wellness Center: Evolving and Developing Daily

    Penn State Hershey Pro-Wellness Partnership 

    Freshman Kickoff: Club and Activities Fair -- distributed buttons, heightened awareness, and gained membership

    World Mental Health Day / Homecoming Spirit Week: "Green Out" to Raise Awareness for Mental Health and Wellness (buttons, ribbons, stickers, & face painting) and flyer with prevention helpline phone numbers in all classrooms.

    Cards to accompany gifts to Centre Crest faculty donations

    Paper Snowflakes -- 3D Oragami 

    Spread Love & Kindness -- February 14th

    Out of the Darkness Walk -- to help Promote Suicide Awareness and Prevention

    FKO  Hoco   Xmas


    2018-2019 MMHM Club Activities:

    Approval for our H.S. Wellness Center

    Penn State Hershey Pro-Wellness Partnership

    Video to present for Maroona and Gray Society Foundation: Worked with Dr. Susan Russell

    Elementary Presentation -- How to be an Upstander

    School Wide Treat & Crisis Card: Combined with SAP to distribute to treats and a listing of prevention helpline phone numbers

    Out of the Darkness Walk: Students, Staff, Retirees, and Alumni Walked and Raised money to support Suicide Awareness

    Bystander Training: Middle and High School Students from multiple local schools gathered at Bellefonte H.S.

    Smash the Stigma: SC Girls' Volleyball "Green Out" to Raise Awareness for Mental Health and Wellness

    Freshman Kickoff: Club and Activities Fair -- distributed buttons, heightened awareness, and gained membership



    2017-2018 MMHM Club Activities:

     May Activities:

    May 1 - Kick Off: May Mental Health Month - Happy Buttons distributed to all students and staff.


    April Activities:

    April 16 - Design buttons, handout t-shirts, plan OTDW, plan May 1st

    April 23 - Make buttons for May 1st distribution Mental Health Month

    April 29 - Centre County Out of the Darkness Walk:  2nd "State High My Mental Health Matters Team" Annual event involving students, teachers, retirees, alumni.

    *2018 TEAM STATS:  68 registered participants & $3010 donations raised.


    March Activities:

    19 - Work Meeting (Flyers for Walk, plan SAP Cards and Treats, order t-shirts)

    26 - BIG Distribution meeting - 2400 SAP Treats & Crisis Cards. One for each student 9-12


    February Activities - Moved into New High School

    5 - Work Meeting (Crisis Call Line Flyers in all rooms)

    19 - Work Meeting (Design t-shirts, OTDW Signups & flyers


    December Activities:

    18 - Holiday Party w/ MMHM Alumni


    October Activities:

    2 - meeting

    10 - WSCH Announcements: World Mental Health Day. Tips on Stress Management

    16 - meeting

    September Activities:

    9LC Student Activities Fair - recruit new members

    11 - WSCH Announcements: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

    28 - 1st club meeting


    *2016-2017 MMHM Club Activities:

    September Activities:

    23, 26 - Promoting September Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month - "Tabling for Hope" Yellow Ribbons

    25 - PSU Color Run

    October Activities:

    10, 12 - Promoting World Mental Wellness Month - Green Ribbons

    20 - Empowering the Bystander Training sponsored by IU 10 @ Bellefonte HS

    31 - Present in 9th grade health classes - Mental CPR: Save Lives by Knowing the Five Signs

    November Activities:

    1 - Present in 9th grade health classes - Mental CPR - Save Lives by Knowing the Five Signs

    7 - Guest Therapist to share about her career path and Art Expression Techniques

    16 - Present at SAP District Conference

    December Activities:

    19 - Holiday Party w/ MMHM Alumni

    January Activities:

    9 - Guests Centre County Womens Resource Center

    23 - Guests Active Minds of Penn State

    February Activities:

    7 - Work Session (Year end activities)

    20 - Work Session & Conference Call

    March Activities:

    14 - Tabling Event: Lecture/Demonstrations with the Wilderness Executive Director Annie Hamburger. (Cancelled due to Snow Storm).

    20 - Tabling Event: Tyler Clementi Assembly

    20 - Work Session

    April Activities:

     24 - Distribution of MMHM/SAP Help Line Phone Cards and Treats to all 2400+ students in grades 9-12.

    30 - Centre County Out Of the Darkness Walk - 1st "State High MMHM Team"  Annual event involving students & teachers.                                                                                  *2017 TEAM STATS: 42 registered participants & $1410.00 donations raised.                                                                

    May Activities:

     8 - Work Session

    13 - Guest Panelist for Penn State Counselor Education 524 - Master Level Class for those in training to be school counselors & psycologists.                                             Discussion -  "What it's like to be a teenage in high school these days".

     15 - Live on WSCH morning annoucements - promoting May Mental Health Awareness Month Stats

     22 - Live on WSCH morning announcements - promoting May Mental Health Awareness Month Stats

    June Activities:

    5 - End of year club party!

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