Science Olympiad is a national student-based organization which allows students to pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Science Olympiad requires preparation, commitment, and practice, but fosters skills such as teamwork and a passion for STEM. Members compete in multiple events ranging from testing events, in which students answer multiple choice and free response questions, to building events, in which students showcase their pre-built models, and to lab events, in which students complete impromptu tasks related to a specific topic.


    Team meetings and specific event practices are arranged throughout the year begining in September. A fundraiser is usually held each autumn to help offset costs incurred by the team. Individuals are asked to purchase team shirts and pay for their meals when on trips.


    The coaches for the team are Danielle Rosensteel (dor11@scasd.org) and Jack Lyke (jrl11@scasd.org). 


    Science Olympiad is a great way to follow your interests and have fun with an after school activity.


    To learn more go to the National Science Olympiad website at www.soinc.org 

Last Modified on August 29, 2018