•                      Learning Support Overview

    All of the programs taught in the learning support room are research based, direct instruction programs with built-in progress monitoring.  Placement in various levels of these programs is dependent upon program placement assessments given at the beginning of each school year and upon completion of a level.  This instruction occurs on a daily basis.  Students also have the added option of completing multi-step classroom activities, assignments/projects, and taking tests in the support environment.  Whenever necessary, adult assistance can be provided in the regular education classroom for various subject areas.

    Progress reports are distributed three times during the IEP. The Learning Support teacher will provide this progress report and it will be sent to parents via email. If you would like a paper copy to come home please let me know and I can make those arrangements.  The regular (electronic) report cards will be blank in the subject area where the student receives his/her direct instruction (reading,writing, and math).

    Classroom teachers have been given a copy of the student's current IEP at the beginning of the school year, with the opportunity to review the IEP with the Learning Support teacher. New copies are provided anytime the IEP changes.

Last Modified on August 17, 2023