SCASD Middle Schools

  • Mount Nittany Middle School, Park Forest Middle School, and the Delta Program

    Overview of our middle schools

    • The mission of both middle schools is to develop responsible, productive, and effective individuals who demonstrate lifelong learning skills, embrace cultural diversity, show respect for self and the rights of others, work cooperatively, and practice good citizenship.
    • The courses taught in the middle schools have been aligned with the PA Academic Standards adopted by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education. 
    • Both middle schools use Academics, Remediation, Enrichment, and Advising, better known as "A.R.E.A.” The primary purpose of the A.R.E.A. program is to provide time during the school day to enhance the learning process and to provide some exploratory options not available during class time. One period each day is set aside for A.R.E.A. activities. During this time period, students are offered the opportunity to take part in 40 clubs, special programs, or special interest groups. Students may also sign up with individual classroom teachers for remedial or makeup work as well as for enrichment work in subjects that particularly interest them.

    Mount Nittany Middle School
    Meeting the Needs of All Learners

    Mount Nittany Middle School believes
    that the Positive Behavior Support program of ROAR: R (Responsibility) O (Organization) A (Attitude) R (Respect), prepares the students for life inside and outside of school. We want the students to take ownership of their education and behavior. Students can choose from a variety of clubs and activities throughout the school year. These clubs have received multiple local and national awards for their excellent work. Our students have access to a variety of curricular opportunities, that allows them some insight for their future when they are choosing courses for the High School. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding Mount Nittany Middle School.

    Fast Facts

    • 724 - Enrollment
    • 34 - Teachers
    • 21 - Average class size
    • Special teachers include librarian, art, music, physical education, English as a second language, Learning Support, Instructional Coach, Emotional Support/Autistic Support

    More About Us

    • A hot lunch is served daily. Menus are planned to meet USDA’s goals for key nutrients and to include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat milk.
    • A certified school counselor, certified school nurse and licensed psychologist are available.
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    Principal: Brian Ishler
    656 Brandywine Drive
    State College, PA 16801
    Phone: 814-272-4050 or 814-231-1041

    Park Forest Middle School

    Park Forest Middle School believes and lives our vision: Every Student, Every Day! We offer students a multitude of experiential learning opportunities both in the classroom and beyond the school day. We have received many top honors nationally and locally with our Mathcounts Team, Science Olympiad and Technology Student Association. Students also experience a robust STEM program including the latest technology in 3D printing, Robotics and Solar Energy.

    Fast Facts

    • 786 - Enrollment 
    • 71 - Teachers
    • 25 - Avg. class size 
    • Special teachers include - Librarian, Nurse, Health Care Paraprofessional, Special Education Teachers, Speech and Language Specialist, ITS Teacher, School Psychologist, Instructional Coach (k-6), LE/SS Gifted Teacher, ESL Teacher


    More About Us 

    • A hot lunch is served daily. Menus are planned to meet USDA’s goals for key nutrients and to include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat milk.
    • A certified school counselor, certified school nurse and licensed psychologist are available. 

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    Principal - Dr. Karen Wiser

    2180 School Drive State College, PA 16803

    Phone:  814-237-5301 or 814-231-1041

    Exterior picture of the Delta Program buildingDelta Middle Level Program

    An Option for Grades 5-8

    The State College Area School District offers its families choice in a middle school program. Any student in grades 5 - 8 may choose to apply for enrollment in Delta, a flexible middle school program located in the Delta Building. Delta is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students, providing a small school environment intended for those students and their families who wish to take an active role in planning the student's learning program, supporting the student in all aspects of learning, and in school governance.


    Delta is best described as a cooperative endeavor among students, parents, and teachers to develop personalized learning programs which best meet the needs and interests of individual students while providing a shared sense of community effort.  An important goal is to help students become responsible, independent learners and contributing community members through experiential learning activities and community involvement.


    Delta provides a flexible educational program for each student. Each student and his/her parents are members of a planning team which meets at least three times a year with the student's advising teacher. The team helps the student set learning goals, choose appropriate learning experiences, and deal with concerns. Learning experience options include classroom activities in the school district and PSU, project-based learning, community service projects, and other appropriate activities planned by the advising team. Our advisor system provides support and structure for each student.


    Delta encourages student initiative and responsibility by providing a variety of learning modes. Delta students' learning is guided in an environment where they make educational, career, and other personal decisions. They learn responsibility by re-evaluating their goals in light of new experiences. Responsibility and choice are offered in a supportive and caring environment.

    For More Information

    Interested families are encouraged to contact Delta at 814-231-1000 for more information or to arrange a visit.  
Last Modified on October 18, 2023