• Calendar of Activities 2019/2020

    5/21/19: Last ocean bowl practice of the year - we wrapped up, announced officer positions for next year, and celebrated!

    4/16/19: We dissected a fish today to learn the anatomy and biology.

    4/9/19: We held a presentation on various topics from marine ecology. 

    3/26/19: We went over the study guide for meteorology and the atmosphere today, and answered questions/created diagrams.

    3/19/19: We had a potluck and celebration after the PAML today to celebrate all of the hard work the team put into the competition!

    3/12/19: We held a student-lead dissection of a crayfish today.

    2/15-2/16: OB TRIP! :) We participated in an escape room as a team building activity, and other planned activities afterwards. Then had the competition on Saturday. 
    2/14/19: We held our final buzzer practice in preparation for the competition this Saturday.
    2/5/19: We held another buzzer practice, this was the second to last practice before the competition.
    1/29/19: We began practice today with a set of TCQs, and then had another buzzer question practice to continue preparations for the competition.

    1/22/19: We continued to practice for the competition in the same format as last week.

    1/15/19: We continued to prepare for the competition in February by holding another general buzzer practice today.

    1/8/19: There was a PAML today, so we held a shortened practice that was devoted to competition-style buzzer questions.

    12/11/18: Team tryouts were today (both written and buzzer portions), with PAML before practice. 

    12/4/18: We held a general buzzer question practice, and then concluded with TCQs from previous competitions (team challenge questions).

    11/27/18: We held a presentation on marine birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, and also watched lots of videos on marine animals.

    11/20/18: SQUID DISSECTION! (and creation of a special time capsule of squid ink messages!)

    11/13/18: We had a shortened practice due to PAML this week, but did the buzzer questions on wave physics and beach structure.

    11/6/18: We finished the buzzer questions on Ocean Chemistry, and then went over the study guide for Wave physics/beach structure.

    10/30/18: We reviewed this week’s study guide and had some buzzer questions on Ocean Chemistry

    10/23/18: We finished the marine fish presentation, reviewed the study guide on ocean geology, then had a practice session on ocean geology.

    10/16/18: We held a shortened practice due to the PAML, and reviewed Marine Fish with a Google Slides presentation.

    10/9/18: We reviewed the study guide on currents, gyres, layers, and tides, and held a buzzer practice session on these topics. We began a presentation on marine fish to close out practice.

    10/2/18: We held a buzzer practice on Ocean Mechanics and went over part of the study guide for next week’s topic (physical oceanography).

    9/25/18: We did a short review of Marine Bio and had a buzzer question practice on Marine Bio.
    9/18/18: We discussed Marine Biology in a google slides presentation and answered questions on the topic, as well as introduced resources for studying for the competition. 
    9/11/18: First meeting; we introduced Ocean Bowl, got to know one another, and had an informal practice on general Ocean questions with the buzzers.
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