2020/21 Season


    Varsity Coach-Allen McGriff, mcgriffallen@gmail.com


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    Concussion Testing Information


    All 7th Graders and any 8th Graders who are trying out this season and were not on the team last year must have a concussion test.



    Baseline concussion testing on November 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 23rd, & 24th in the High School Cafeteria from 4:00-6:00pm. 


    Testing will only be for student-athletes in 7th grade and those who are new to the SCASD or playing one of the listed sports for the first time.


    Concussion testing this winter will be for the following sports:





    Pole Vault 


    Please email mcgriffallen@gmail.com with any questions or concerns!

    Open Gym/Practice Times




    Below is an email from our head coach Brian Scholly that has the forms linked that must be completed before coming to our tryouts or any practices for this upcoming season.  The player acknowledgement form can be printed and turned in prior to our open gym/practice OR you can complete the form electronically and email it to me at mcgriffallen@gmail.com.  If you have any questions, you can also send them to that email.


    SCASD School Board approved the District's Winter & Spring Interim Athletics Plan, which allows us to have indoor workouts in the gym. Please take some time to review the linked plan and let me know if there are any questions at all. I also included a graphic that breaks the plan down. I do want to point out some key pieces from within the plan:


    - Each student-athlete must have a NEW Player Acknowledgement Form filled out prior to participating in any indoor workout. The form from the summer does not apply to this Health & Safety plan. As with the summer plan, this only needs to be completed once.


    - There is a new team-specific daily screening form for this Health & Safety Plan. As with the summer plan, this must be completed every day that a student-athlete plans to participate in a workout. It goes without saying, but please be honest in the screening.


    Masks must be worn by all individuals during the entirety of the workout, including during physical activity. Workouts will be designed with this in mind to provide frequent breaks. Coaches will be wearing masks at all times. There will also be hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies at the court at all times.


    - Any water bottles or beverages must be brought by players as there is no sharing of water bottles. Therefore, make sure all players bring enough for the entire workout as there is also no refilling of bottles. There will be Xs taped around the perimeter of the gym indicating where student-athletes can place their bags/bottles/etc. and where they should go during any break.


    One note I want to make is please try your best to arrive at the start time and leave at the end time. This will probably be the only time as a coach that I don't want players showing up early, but our district administration is strongly emphasizing cutting down on any unnecessary gathering.



    Away Game Locations



    Booster Club Information

    State College Boys' Basketball Booster Club

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    Board Members


    Bob Martin


    Vice President

    Karen Pollack



    Ted Oyler



    Chris Orndorff


    Team Coordinators



    Junior Varsity




    Scott Angus


    MNMS 8th Grade

    Christine Lower


    MNMS 7th Grade

    Nicole Herncane


    PFMS 8th Grade

    Jill Thumma


    PFMS 7th Grade

    Miriam Powell




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