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    Information on Skiing and Snowboarding


    The skiing/snowboarding packet that was handed out to students can be found here: 

    Skiing and Snowboarding

    See the newly updated Tussey Website: https://tusseymountain.com/mountain-info/lessons-and-programs/intramural-program for more information.
    egarding the remainder of the ski/snowboard season at Tussey:
    Monday Schools:
     - our last two sessions will be Mon 2/19 and Tue 2/27. The buses have already been assigned for these two days.
    Make-ups for Families:
    •  Any family that wants to use a lift and rental anytime from February 19th - 23rd may come out.
    • Any student who wants to use a lesson, lift, and rental may come any day from February 26th - March 1st.
    • Tussey is exploring the weekend options but can't guarantee the rentals will be available. Interested parents should contact Tussey before going.
    • Students may also hold on to unused lift passes next season (From opening until IM begins) 
    If you have any questions, feel free to email Dustin Brackbill or contact Tussey Mountain. 
    For more information, please visit the District's website at: https://www.scasd.org/Page/36298
    • Please remember to send all money to Tussey Mountain (for ski rental, lessons, lift tickets, food, etc).
    • ONLY the blue district permission slip should be filled out (both the top and bottom sections) and returned to Radio Park.
    • Remember skis are not permitted on school buses. If it is a Fullington bus, parents can bring the skis to school, and the Fullington bus driver will load them in the cargo area under the bus. If it is a school bus, parents will have to take their child's skis to Tussey or rent a locker at Tussey.