• MNE Library Wish List 

    Building a library's collection is a job that is never finished. New books are published every day and a school's library book budget only goes so far.  The MNE Library's Wish List is an easy way that friends of the MNE Library may make a donation of a new book to keep the library's collection fresh and growing.

    Below is a link to a wish list for the MNE Library that has been created on Amazon.com. The books listed on the wish list are items selected by Mr. Brackbill, the librarian, as titles that would be sure to please the readers at our school. The books listed also meet the requirements of the school district's selection policy.

    Click here to take a look at the MNE Library's Wish List!

    If you would like to make a donation to the MNE Library, simply purchase one of the approved listed books from Amazon or any of your favorite book retailers. The library would be glad to receive new or like-new hardback copies of any of these exciting new titles -- paperbacks just do not hold up well long term in an elementary library situation. 

    The MNE Library would also be willing to create a special bookplate for any book that is donated to the library.  Here are some ideas for ways that your giving could become even more meaningful by donating a book to: 
    recognize your child (your own or someone else's) on his/her birthday 
    memorialize the life of a loved one who has died
    celebrate your child's efforts at the end of a school year
    honor a teacher or staff member who has made a difference in your child's life 
    model the appreciation of the ways reading and libraries make our lives better  
    or for any reason!

    The MNE staff and PTO has donated many books to the library every year to celebrate retirements and special occasions as well as to mark the death of a family member. Memorial books are a meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one.

    If you decide to purchase a book, please print out the MNE Library's Wish List Form by clicking HERE.  Fill out the form completely to let the library staff know your wishes for your donation.  This form also gives you the option of having a personalized book plate added to the book.   

    Remember to check with your tax advisor about your donation, you may be able to claim this gift on your income taxes so please save your receipts!
    To summarize this process:
    1. Purchase a hardback copy of a book on the MNE Library's Wish List
    2. Print off the MNE's Wish List Donation FORM and fill it out and put it in the book
    3. Share the book with the person that you are honoring
    4. Bring the book and the completed form to the MNE Library for the staff to process 
    5. Enjoy knowing that you have made a gift that many people will enjoy and appreciate for years to come!


    Please contact the MNE Library if you have any questions about the donation of books to the library.
    Thanks for reading!
    Mr. Dustin R. Brackbill, Librarian
    "This information is shared through the courtesy of Becky Collins, Park Forest Elementary School Library Web Site, State College, PA."
Last Modified on May 9, 2019