• Middle School Science Program

    The Middle School Science Program is designed for students at any ability level. Units at each grade level were developed by the district's middle school teachers using the Next Generation Science Standards.  These units use a spiraled approach to teaching science in which students will be exposed to the three major areas of science each year: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science.  In addition to the spiralled curriculum, each science unit uses a phenomenon-based approach in which the students act as scientists to develop an explanation for the phenomeon.  Emphasis is given to the qualitative aspects of these disciplines, scientific measurement and laboratory safety. The program emphasizes hands on/minds on activities. Frequent laboratory experiences are correlated with large and small group work. Independent study is encouraged. Testing is based on performance objectives. No background is assumed other than the knowledge acquired in the elementary science program. Good reading and study skills, motivation and perseverance are important for success.


    Middle School Science Courses

    6th Grade Science Units - What is Life?,   My Place in Space (includes mini-unit on Forces)
    7th Grade Science Units - Happy Sad Ball: Energy Unit, Under Pressure: Particulate Nature of Matter,  Hurricanes and Tornados: Weather Unit,  and I Felt the Earth Move: Plate Tectonics.
    8th Grade Science Units- Eight grade units focus on Change including Chemical Changes, Geologic Changes, Biological Changes and Climate Change



    Robert White

    Science Coordinator
    650 Westerly Parkway
    State College, PA 16801

    Email: rjw11@scasd.org

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