• High School Science Program

    The Science Department encourages students to elect a comprehensive science program which permits exploration of a wide range of topics. This is best done by selecting courses from each discipline (Earth Systems Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics). A variety of course sequences and options are available and students are encouraged to select courses that are compatible with their interests and abilities. Some courses are designed at a higher level of difficulty and require prerequisite science and/or mathematics background. Further, some courses are offered in alternate years and thus may be available only once in a student's high school career.

    Achievement in all science courses is evaluated through teacher-devised assessments administered at appropriate intervals throughout each grading period. Final examinations are administered in each course. Laboratory work, homework assignments, special reports, projects, notebooks, in-class work, and teacher or student devised opportunities are also considered in determining grades. All Science courses are laboratory courses. Upon successful completion of each course, students earn a credit in laboratory science that meets college entrance requirements.


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Last Modified on September 7, 2022