• "Science is at the heart of this country's ability to continue to innovate, lead, and create jobs of the future.  All students - whether they become technicians in a hospital, workers in high-tech manufacturing facility, or Ph.D researchers - must have a solid K-12 science education."

    Excerpt from the Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards

    Science Department Mission Statement

    The goal of science education is to prepare students to be responsible citizens in an increasingly complex and dynamic world.  The State College science curriculum provides students with the foundations to understand the inner workings of this world using scientific processes and concepts from all fields of endeavor: earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics.   This multi-disciplinary approach, based around the Next Generation Science Standards, promotes curiosity and builds content knowledge along with core science practices to develop scientifically literate citizens.

    Robert White
    Science Coordinator
    650 Westerly Parkway
    State College, PA 16801



Last Modified on March 27, 2024