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    Sports Therapy & Exercise Science
    There are two pathways for students to explore healthcare careers. Students can choose from a nursing/medical pathway or a sports therapy/exercise science pathway. Several courses are offered in both pathways initially and both provide a strong background in the sciences as well as prepare students for post secondary education. Nursing/Medical culminates in a nurse aide training course/certification and prepares students for careers in medicine, nursing, physician assistant, etc. Sports Therapy/Exercise Science steers students towards professions such as physical therapy, athletic/personal training, physician assistant, nutrition, and medicine.
    Health Systems and Professions (Y769)
    Language of Medicine (F/S772)
    Intro Sports Medicine (Y764)*
    Health Care Evidence and Research (F/S709)
    Anatomy & Physiology (Y753)
    Clinical Observations(F/S768)*
    Nurse Aide Training (Y765)*
    Advanced Personal Training/Fitness & Exercise Science/Sports Nutrition (Y807)*
    Health Profession Research Fellows (Y824)
    Health Professions or Sports Therapy Ex Science by Appt - Teaching Assistant (see instructor)
    Courses denoted with * offer real clinical experiences.
     Course Descriptions
    Anatomy & Physiology Y753 Course: 1.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 11-12,  Prerequisites: Advanced Biology 1, Biology 1 or Biology (with recommendation of the instructor).
    This course will involve students in an in depth study of the structure and function of the human body. Special attention will be given to the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, urinary and reproductive systems. It will provide a firm foundation for further study in the medical field at the postsecondary level. Students are encouraged to take Anatomy & Physiology with the other Health Professions courses.
    *It is recommended that students have two years of high school mathematics before scheduling this course.
    Clinical Observ F768/S768 Course: 1.0000  Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 11-12,  Prerequisites: Language of Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology is strongly recommended.
    Clinical Observations is for students who are serious about pursuing a career in healthcare (medicine, nursing, dentistry) who would like the opportunity to shadow different healthcare providers in hospital and community settings. This class runs daily during the second block of each day and is limited to 12 students per semester and requires students to provide your own transportation to school and clinical sites. Mount Nittany Medical Center is the main site for the clinical observations. This experience is under the supervision and coordination of a Health Professions instructor. Students must apply to be accepted into the course and participate in a selection interview with a committee as well as meet physical health requirements.
    Health Care Evidence F709/S709 Course: .5000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 10-12,  Prerequisites: Successful completion of 1 other Health Professions Course, Language of Medicine is strongly recommended.
    Health Care Evidence and Research provides an introduction to the evidence behind health care and medical decisions. Students will learn to access, interpret and rank medical research as well as appreciate the concept of EBP (Evidence-Based Practice). This course is highly recommended for students confident they will enter a health care/medical profession that require this knowledge and skill set (Medicine, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy, Athletic Training, Dental, etc.). This course offers the option to receive advanced weight credit with an individual LE contract.
    Health Professions by App F794/S794 Course: .5000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 10-12,  Prerequisites: Successful completion of the course for which you are requesting to TA for AND selection by the instructor.
    Students must communicate desire to serve as a teaching assistant to the course instructor and be selected and approved by the instructor. You will be scheduled for this course by the instructor, it will not be available as an elective choice.
    Health Sys Pro Y769 Course: 1.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 9-12
    Health Systems and Professions is the preferred introductory course for any student exploring or considering a career in the healthcare field. Students will learn about the history of healthcare, health policy, how the health care system and insurance are organized and how different components of the healthcare system interact with each other. In addition, students will explore legal and ethical issues and learn basic skills such as the use of medical terminology, medical math, vital signs, HIPAA, etc.
    HP Research Fellows Y824 Course: 2.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 11-12,  Prerequisites: Successful completion of 1 other Health Professions Course.
    Students spend 10 hours per week during both spring and fall semesters conducting research in the lab of a professor in the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State.
    Intro Sports Med Y764 Course: 1.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 10-12,  Prerequisites: Language of Medicine and Health Systems Professions are strongly recommended but not required.
    Introduction to Sports Medicine encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and fitness of athletes and injuries from sports participation. Students potentially interested in becoming a sports medicine professional (athletic trainer, physical therapist, sports chiropractor, personal trainer, orthopedic surgeon, physician assistant, strength & conditioning coach, sports nutritionist, sports psychologist) would benefit from the course elements of dynamic human anatomy (kinesiology) and medical terminology as they relate to athletic injuries. This course has a laboratory component that includes athletic taping and wrapping techniques. Students will be required to complete 15 hours of internship. Opportunity to intern with health care providers is included as part of this course.
    Lang Medicine F772/S772 Course: .5000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 10-12
    The Language of Medicine course is for the student who wants to be able to read, write and understand medical language. It provides a foundation for the use of the language of medicine both personally and professionally by emphasizing correct pronunciation, spelling, and abbreviations pertaining to body systems. This course provides an introduction to anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology as well and improves your ability to better communicate in healthcare. *This course is a prerequisite for Clinical Observations and Nurse Aide Training. 
    Nurse Aide Training Y765 Course: 2.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 11-12,  Prerequisites: Language of Medicine is required Must be 16 years old,  Anatomy and Physiology is strongly recommended.
    The 229.5 hour nurse aide training course is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and prepares students for preparation for RN & MD training and for employment in hospital and long term care settings. Upon successful completion of the course students are eligible to take the state exam. Students are required to complete all classroom, lab and clinical time in order for successful completion and is not recommended for students with attendance or scheduling conflicts. Space is limited to 10 students and only students who are 16 and who have successfully completed Language of Medicine with a C or higher may apply. Preference given to seniors but all who are eligible are encouraged to apply. Students will be required to complete an application and submit to an interview by a committee.
    *This course runs from 7:30 AM through the first block daily and requires students to provide their own transportation to clinical sites and meet physical health requirements.
    Adv Pers Train/Ex Sci/Sports Nutri Y807 Course: 2.0000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 12,  Pre/Corequisites: Introduction to Sports Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology.
    Designed primarily to prepare students to become professional CPT’s-Certified Personal Trainers, this course utilizes the ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine material as the foundation. In these unique lecture and lab based nested courses, instructors collaborate to best enable students to learn about fitness, wellness, sports nutrition and exercise in preparation to serve clients or themselves across the age span and with a range of health conditions. To sit for the ACSM CPT exam, one must be 18 years of age, a high school graduate and CPR certified with AED training. Our goal is to best prepare students to take this exam independently upon graduation to obtain their professional certification. Students are required to obtain fifteen internship hours provided through course partnerships and CPR certification is typically offered.
    *By registering for course Y807, students will be auto enrolled in three advanced courses (Y791, F546, S540). The Fitness and Exercise Science course (S540) counts as a PE requirement and the Sport Nutrition (F546) course counts as a Health credit.
    Sports Therapy by App F823/S823 Course: .5000 Credits,  Suggested Grade Level 10-12
    Students must communicate desire to serve as a teaching assistant to the course instructor and be selected and approved by the instructor. You will be scheduled for this course by the instructor, it will not be available as an elective choice. 
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