• I.  In-Home Services:  Home visits may occur to discuss concerns and solutions regarding child, family, school or parenting issues.  Discussion and information about parenting, school issues, stress management, and much more may be offered. Collaborates with the Home & School Visitor as needed.

    II. In-School Services: Services may include facilitation of positive communication between home and school or serving as a member of a school team as needed.  Connecting families to other in-school services may also be utilized.

    III. Community Services: The Family & Community Engagement Counselor can serve as a liaison between SCASD and many community human service agencies.  Presentations to groups of parents/students may also be requested.

    IV.  Parenting Programs: a variety of possible services are outlined below.  Programs may be offered upon need and/or request.

    • Brown Bag Parent/Guardian Discussion Groups:  A variety of topics (generated by parents themselves) may be discussed along with an opportunity to meet other parents/guardians. 
    • Book Club/Discussions:  A book may be chosen for parent/guardians to meet, discuss and apply to their own lives.
    • Straight Talk Monthly Sessions:  A presentation is offered one evening each month for parent/guardians to attend.
    • Coffee Groups:  Morning/Afternoon meetings designed to support all parents/guardians through peer sharing and caring.
    • Restorative conversations with parents/guardians:  Introductory conversations about Restorative Practices for parents/guardians.
    • Teen Parent Assistance: services for high school students who are pregnant or parenting.


    V. Referrals/Connections: Outreach and referral to appropriate school and community resources as needed.









Last Modified on October 16, 2018