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    Advanced Placement exams are subject-specific tests given each May at the end of college-level courses taught in high school. A student who does well on the tests may receive college credit or advanced placement in college.  It is highly recommended that you review your prefered college(s) for their AP credit policy.  Penn State AP Credit policy can be reviewed here.   For more information about the AP Exams or programs talk to your AP teacher or click here to access the College Board website.

    The 2021 AP Exams will be administered through the month of May.  The test administration schedule will be finalized in February.  Typically, State College Area High School uses Penn State University classrooms and the high school for AP exam testing.  We provide busses to take students to PSU for their exams leaving at 7:00am for AM exams and 11:30am for PM exams. There is a return bus for the morning exams; however, students are required to have their own transportation home after the afternoon exams.  Students who plan to walk or drive themselves to or from the PSU AP exams must fill out the AP Student Transportation Form and returned to E128/E132 prior to the day of their scheduled exam. 
    Exam payment is done through the community education website.  To utilize this portal, follow the AP online registration directions.  To register for tests, students will also be required to have a College Board account and will need to get a join code for the test registration from either the teacher of their AP class, or the AP Coordinator including students who are homeschooled, or self-studying for the exam. 
    Students must complete BOTH steps to have an exam ordered on their behalf:
    1. Pay for the exam through the community education portal (or be granted a fee waiver in the Counseling Office)
    2. Join the course with a join code on College Board and switch their exam choice from UNDECIDED to YES
    If you have not taken these steps, you are NOT registered for the exam and will not have a test ordered.


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    Important Dates

    • August 25 - October 12 Fall Semester test registration/payment 
    • January 20 - February 15 Spring Semester test registration/payment
    • May 3 - June 10 Regular test administration


    Frequently Asked Questions:


    • How do I know if the college I am attending will accept AP credit?  You can go directly to the college's website. 
    • If I am taking an AP course must I take the exam?  No, you do not need to take the exam.
    • May I take an AP exam if I am not enrolled in an AP course?  Yes, you may take an exam, for example many students take Advanced World History in 10th grade and then take the AP World History Exam in May.  Contact the AP Coordinator to ask for a join code for an exam-only section.  
    • I need testing accommodations for the AP exams.  How do I apply for these?  If you have an SSD # you will use that number.  If you do not have an SSD # then please talk with your current special education teacher to apply for a number.   ACCOMMODATIONS MUST BE IN PLACE BY January 17 to qualify for the May exams.  Need more information? click here for testing with accommodations.
    • How much do exams cost? AP exams will be $98.00 per exam. Alternate exams may incur a late fee of $40 if reason is not an approved school activity.  Registering late for an exam will be assessed a $40 late registration fee from College Board. 
    • I cannot afford an AP exam; are their scholarships?  Students who receive free or reduced lunches qualify for a reduced fee of $25 per exam. Please go to the Counseling Office before registering for AP exams


  • 2021 AP Exam Dates


    There is a NEW revised schedule for exam administration to ensure all students have equal access and opportuity to testing in the most suitable possible environment.   Because of this new schedule, there will be no conventional "late testing" this year.  


    Please note: 

    • Test coordinators will inform students (by email) when and where to report for the exams - please check your emails. Early testing or testing at times other than those published by the College Board is not permitted under any circumstances.  AP Online Registration Directions
    • While late exams may be available for substantial conflicts when the AP Coordinator is informed in advance, we cannot guarantee test administration sessions beyond the regular test dates identified above.  




    Morning 7:30 a.m.

    Afternoon 12 p.m.

    May 3

    US Government & Politics

    Physics C: Mechanics (12 PM)

    Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism (2PM) 

    May 4

    Calculus AB & Calculus BC

    German Language & Culture

    Human Geography

    May 5

    English Literature and Composition

    Physics 1: Algebra-Based

    May 6

    United States History

    Computer Science A

    Art History

    May 7


     European History

    Studio Art — last day for Coordinators to submit digital portfolios (by 8 p.m. EDT) and to gather 2-D Design, 3-D Design, and Drawing students for physical portfolio assembly. 


    May 10

    French Language and Culture

    World History: Modern


    May 11

    Spanish Language & Culture


    May 12

    English Language and Composition

    Music Theory

    May 13

    Comparative Government and Politics

    Computer Science Principles



    May 14


    Chinese Language and Culture
























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