• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is DECA?

    DECA is a business club that specializes in the growth in areas such as marketing, hospitality, management, finance/accounting, and service.


    What does DECA consist of?

    DECA is made up of mostly 3 competitions.  There is the regionals level (Centre County and surrounding areas), States level (all PA DECA chapters), and ICDC (all DECA chapters).  In these competitions, there are two parts:  there is the written test (100 question test based on your event in 60 minutes) and the role play (role play scenario based on event in front of a business professional). 


    Where does DECA travel?

    Regionals depends each year based on where our district chapter’s home school is.  It is usually no more than 2-3 hours away.  We rent out a convention center for the day. 

    States is always in Hershey, PA at the Hershey Lodge.  The convention center is rented out for 3 days. 

    ICDC rotates between Orlando FL (2018-19), Nashville TN (2019-20), Anaheim CA (2020-21), and Atlanta GA (2021-22).  The convention center is rented out for typically 4 days but the dates often change based on location and conference schedule.  Please see the calendar for more information. 


    What does ICDC stand for?

    International Career and Development Conference


    What does DECA stand for?

    It is formerly known as “Distributive Education Clubs of America,” however there is no correlation between the name and the acronym anymore. 


    Do I have to compete in order to be in DECA?

    No. Although competing is a large part of DECA, you can help plan events, participate in community service, and/or simply attend the meetings/conferences.


    Who can join DECA?

    Anyone in grades nine through twelve in high school can join DECA. DECA membership is also open to DECA advisors, alumni and professional members. We encourage everyone to attend at least one meeting and see if it’s right for you.


    What are the perks of DECA?

    DECA helps to provide you with life skills in terms of public speaking, thinking on your feet, and overall comfort in preparation skills as well as one-on-one conversations. DECA gives you skills that can help to benefit you in your educational career all the way into your job in the workforce.


    When are meetings? Do I have to attend every single one in order to be a member?

    Meetings are after school on Wednesdays at 3:50pm. You do not have to attend every meeting however it is recommended that you attend as many as possible.  Meetings will alternate between an informational meeting and a competition prep meeting. 


    What is the overall approximate cost of DECA trips?

    DECA membership dues are $25 with your registration. The rest of the competitions vary in cost by the year and location. On average, regionals are $50, states are $350, and internationals are $800 - $1200.  However, we understand that this is a lot of money so we have dedicated an entire officer position to help lower the cost for you or your child. 


    How do I run for an officer position?

    Any DECA member in upcoming grades 10 through 12 can run for an officer position. The only prerequisites are you must be a returning DECA member, and have a free block in your schedule to take the Business Management Course. 


    What is the DECA emblem?

    The DECA emblem is the DECA Diamond. The Diamond has four inner points and four outer points, all standing for something different. The four inner points represent the guiding principles which address the purpose of DECA;

    • Integrates into classroom instruction
    • Applies learning
    • Connects to business
    • Promotes competition

    The four outer points represent the results of DECA and how it prepares future generations;

    • Academically prepared
    • Community oriented
    • Professionally responsible
    • Experienced leaders
Last Modified on August 30, 2018