• Officer Team

    President:  Will Marsh

    Will Marsh (President)

    Hello, my name is Will Marsh. I am the 2018-2019 State High DECA President. I have been in DECA the past 3 years and I have loved every experience I have been a part of with this club. When I am not doing school stuff, I am usually working at my job at Chick-Fil-A, watching The Office, 13 Reasons Why, or Parks and Rec. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, swimming, and playing with my two dogs Molly and Barkley. I am so excited to get to know all of the DECA members and I hope that everyone has a great year in DECA.

    VP of Career Development:  Hannah Donnell

    Hannah Donnell (VP of Career Development)

    Hello, my name is Hannah Donnell and I am the 2018-2019 State High DECA VP of Career Development. I have been in DECA the past two years and have had so many opportunities that will assist me in being successful in the future. Through DECA, I have not only had many great opportunities but have also made friendships that will last a lifetime. Outside of DECA, I enjoy being a competitive baton twirler on M Twirling Team as well as spending time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to a great year with DECA and all that it has to offer for State High!

    VP of Finance:  Sebastian Caceres-Ruscitti

    Sebastian Caceres-Ru (VP of Finance)

    My name is Sebastian Caceres and I'm the State High DECA President of Finance. I've participated in our DECA chapter for the past two years and it's been an absolute blast so far. In my free time, I'm usually either playing soccer, jamming with my guitar, or camping in the woods with some Beach Boys music playing in the background. I'm super excited to meet all of our DECA members this year and I'm sure it'll be the best one yet.

    VP of Hospitality:  Zachiah Cook

    Zachiah Cook

    Hello, my name is Zachiah Cook and I️ am your 2018-2019 State High DECA VP of Hospitality. I️ have been a member of DECA for three years and previously have been your Parliamentarian. Outside of school I️ play soccer, ski competitively and work at CVS. I️ enjoy going spending time with my friends, going on hikes, swimming or playing tennis. I️ am looking forward to spending my final year at state high with all of you. P.S. sorry about the typos in advance.

    VP of Marketing/PR:  Ben Brauser

    Ben Brauser (VP of Marketing/PR)

    Hello, my name is Ben Brauser and I am your 2018-2019 VP of Marketing. I have been in DECA for the past 2 years during which I have had the privilege to serve on the DECA officer team as a Co-Treasurer and go to two ICDC conferences. I am also an officer in our school's debate club and participate in Model UN, both of which share the emphasize on developing communication skills that DECA prides itself on. Outside of school activities I enjoy spending time with friends and family and am working towards Eagle Scout. I look forward to reaching out to our community through our various social media platforms and growing DECA to provide more opportunities for everyone!

    Treasurer:  Jessica Zajac

    Jessica Zajac (Treasurer)

    Hi, my name is Jessica Zajac and I am the Treasurer for State High DECA. I have been in DECA for one year and I have enjoyed my time that I've spent with this club. When I am not doing school stuff, I am usually twirling my baton, working at Wegmans, or helping my community by participating in Interact Community Service Club and Girl Scouts. I am thrilled to meet all of the DECA members and I am looking forward to an exciting year!

    Director of Fundraising:  Leslie Powers

    Leslie Powers (Director of Fundraising)

    Hello, my name is Leslie Powers. I am the 2018-2019 State High Deca Director of Fundraising. I have been involved with DECA for the past year and enjoyed every moment of it. When I am not in school I enjoy playing lacrosse, hanging out with my friends and family, being outside, or working at the pool. I am excited to get more involved in DECA and am looking forward to the exciting year we have ahead of us.

    Reporter:  Kenzie Flanders

    Kenzie Flanders (Reporter)

    Hi, I'm Kenzie Flanders and I am the 2018-2019 State High DECA Reporter. I started DECA last year and have enjoyed every event, meeting, and experience since. I am the President of Key Club and involved in Interact Club. Also, I manage the Boy’s Volleyball Team. Most of the time you can find me either watching The Office, socializing, or making corny jokes that people feel obligated to laugh at. I look forward to the fun memories that will be made during the upcoming year and hope to grow stronger bonds with all of the DECA members.

    Event Planner:  Iris Li

    Iris Li (Event Planner)

    Hi all, my name is Iris Li, one of two co-event planners for State High DECA this year. I've been a DECA member for two years and can't wait for this next one! I'm a big fan of public speaking and am a member of the speech and debate team. Alongside those activities, I am also the student government treasurer and a member of the school Model UN club! When I'm not keeping myself busy, I enjoy running and talking with my friends. I'm eager to meet all of this year's DECA members and hope that this year's DECA is a fantastic experience for everyone.

    Event Planner:  Molly Richendrfer

    Molly Richendrfer (Event Planner)

    Hi, my name is Molly Richendrfer and this year I am one of the two event planners for State High DECA. This is my second year participating in DECA and I’m beyond excited to make lots of new memories this yet in the club. When I’m not studying for DECA or focusing on schoolwork, I spend most of my free time hanging out with friends, listening to One Direction, and watching reality TV. But most importantly, I can’t wait for another amazing year in State High DECA!


Last Modified on August 19, 2018