The Roar Store is a school-based enterprise used as a hands-on laboratory experience for the Marketing Program at the State College Area High School. Planning for the Roar Store began in the 2000-2001 school year with the objective of opening a physical location in January 2001. The initial 17 students essentially designed the store from the ground up. They collaborated to design and implement the business plan as well as designed promotional displays, met with vendors, ordered and priced products, and develop a mission statement to guide the progress of the store. 

    Mission Statement

    The Roar Store is a School-Based Enterprise operated by the Entrepreneurship, Retail Management, and Business Management students. The Roar Store was established to give these students hands-on experience in a real-world business setting, as well as allow students the opportunity to manage the profits and losses of a business. Each year our main task is to allow our store to grow and prosper by setting the bar higher for next year.


    1. Meet the needs of State High students and staff.
    2. Maintain a website for store products where members of the community would be able to view and purchase store items.
    3. Offer specialized products for various school clubs and organizations.
    4. Maintain a professional atmosphere within the educational setting.
    5. Develop an environment of trust, teamwork, enthusiasm, acceptance, and cooperation among Associates.
    6. Enable the opportunity for interested students to advance to a management level with the ability to supervise a staff of peers.
    7. Provide goods and services to the State High student population which are affordable for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status.
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