• Diversified Occupations prepares students for entry into the workforce at all levels and is designed for all students, regardless of post-secondary plans. Instruction is provided in such skills as employer-employee relations, applications and resumes, interview techniques and the acquisition of life skills. The course is designed to increase skills through individual and class study, and on-the-job training opportunities, encouraging attitudes and habits, which meet employment standards. Students must concurrently register for Career Work Experience Diversified Occupations.

     Must be registered for both:

    1. Diversified Occupations (Y694) - 1 credit
    2. Career Work Experience Diversified Occupations (Y692) - 2 credits

    Additional Requirements:

      1. Employed with a local industry partner that matches your career goal 
      2. Supervisor must obtain clearances
      3. Work a minimum of 17 hours/week


    Workforce Development Educators: 

    Shelly Ishler, Email address: sji11@scasd.org

    Jody Ebeling, Email address: jme16@scasd.org