• Updated: 3/19/22

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    Want to be part of MSFH, here's how:   

    1. By March 1, 2022 - Submit paperwork.ASAP. 
      1. SCASD Athletics Web page, requirements to participate
      2. SCASD Athletic Trainers web page
        1. Concussion baseline test.  7th graders and new to scholastic athletics 8th graders will need to do a :45 concussion baseline test on a computer administered by the trainers. This takes :45 and will be offered at the HS Cafeteria. 
    2. Bring your positive energy, good attitude, and be ready to learn!


    • Season length - Mid-March through Mid-May.   
      • 1st practice Tues. March 15.  
      • Transportation:
        • Shuttles are provided from your schools to practice/games. Most student-athletes are picked up by a parent/guardian post practice. There is a  late bus available  available for students departing from the high school to the neighborhoods.  
    • Practices and games are mostly at Memorial Field Turf Field 4:15-6:00.  Occasionally we may use Mount Nittany Middle School facilities. 
    • I've never played before... Will I be ok?
      • YES!  We all need to start at some point.  Your head coach, Janet Egerer began in 11th grade!  We want to teach you the game we all love!  Try it!
      • Fun Fact:  State College grad and Park Forest alumni, Amanda Dinunzio began playing in 7th grade after swimming and running track in her youth.  She went on to be an All-American field hockey player at PSU, and earned a spot on TEAM USA, being one of the best field hockey players in our country!  It all started in 7th grade when she tried something new!




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