• How Can I Help?


    Glad you asked! Here are some great ways to get involved:


    1. Become a member of Music Boosters. Music Booster members pay dues to support the organization and receive regular updates about Music Booster happenings. There are many meaningful ways to get involved: concert refreshments, marching band parent group, and music teacher appreciation are a few examples. Please click Boosters Membership to learn more about joining Music Boosters.

    2. Donate to support music.  You can contribute directly to Music Boosters or to one of SCASD's Music Funds by clicking here.

    3. Participate in a Music Boosters fundraiser. Please check the website for dates and information or email the Music Boosters president at scmbpresident@gmail.com.

    4. Come enjoy a SCASD concert! You'll quickly learn why we are so enthusiastic about SCASD music. All concert dates are available on this calendar.

    5. Learn more about why supporting music for our kids is so important. Check out this page of assorted Music Research and Advocacy information created by the State College Music Department.


Last Modified on August 10, 2023