Students will need a 1" binder for this course. 
    Course Description: 

    AP Human Geography is simply (and not so simply) about the world we live in and our relationships with both its geography and its environment. This is an exciting course which supports your development as a global citizen. Regardless of what you think you might be interested in "doing" in the future, this course will help provide critical insight into factors that will impact your life and career in the years to come. You will be doing hands-on work in a rigorous, college-level course, with exposure to real-world applications of the discipline. You are encouraged to take the AP Human Geography exam and will be prepared throughout the year to be successful on the exam. College Board's Course Description & Resources


    MAP PACKET- The map packet consists of labeling and coloring world regions, water/land features, cities, and countries. This is clearly not everything, but you need to have a general sense of where things are to get a better understanding of course concepts: 
    Geography Game - Use the different levels of the game to learn countries, capitals and land features!

    Students are expected to check their SCASD email daily for information, updates, etc.  

    Please go to Canvas for all assignment guides, handouts and course related materials, including the course syllabus. This is available to all students and parents.
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