•  Chapter 16 requires that "Each school district shall adopt and use a system to locate and identify all students within that district who are thought to be gifted and in need of specially designed instruction.” (22 Pa. Code §16.21(a))


    2020-2021 Screening - Due to the pandemic, universal screening in grade 3 is postponed until the 2021-2022 school year when all 3rd and 4th graders will be screened.


    The State College Area School District engages in a number of processes to identify potential candidates for gifted education services. Formal gifted screenings are conducted in grade 3. Additionally, school teams engage in ongoing data-analysis to identify students at all grade levels who may be in need of specially-designed instruction. 

    All new students who move into the district in grades 3-8 are also screened typically in the late fall.

    Universal Screening Process (typically 3rd grade however will include 4th grade for 21/22):

    • Level 1A: CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)
    • Level 1B: District-Wide Assessment Data in Reading and Math
      • Assessment data is compiled. Assessments used vary by grade, but the assessments used are common among all students at that level.
      • The gifted teachers review these students with grade-level teams.
      • Discussion about students with potential masking factors is a component of the universal screening process.
      • As part of the discussions, a school team may reach out for permission to conduct a K-BIT-2 (Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test Second Edition (KBIT-2) is a brief measure of verbal and nonverbal intelligence.
    • Level 2: District contacts parents to discuss a potential need for a gifted evaluation. 

    Additional screening activities take place by a review of student data at all grade levels in an ongoing fashion throughout the school year. Classroom teachers can recommend students for a gifted evaluation at any time. Additionally, parents can request a gifted evaluation for their child once per school year.

    Student data for those moving through a special education evaluation is always reviewed for potential twice-exceptionality.   

    If you'd like additional information about SCASD's universal screening activities for Gifted Child Find, please contact the Director of Gifted and Learning Enrichment.

Last Modified on June 17, 2021