• During the 2019-2020 school year, Gifted Support teachers at the elementary level offer a variety of math activities and experiences for small groups of students in grade 5. Math groups often work throughout the year with the gifted support teacher.

    Gifted Support

    Students who have needs that cannot be met within General Education services can be referred for evaluation for Gifted Support services. The Gifted Support component may provide acceleration and/or enrichment for students who have unusual abilities and are identified as gifted. A multidisciplinary team determines the appropriateness of placement in Gifted Support based on information secured from group achievement and ability tests, grades, an individual psychological examination, parent and teacher observations, and teacher, program specialist, and administrator recommendations. If Gifted Support services are recommended by a multidisciplinary team, the parents and student will be invited to attend and participate in a program planning meeting where a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) will be developed.

    Math Selection Process for Elementary Pull Out Math Groups
    Upper-Intermediate (Grade 5)
    During this year more fluid groups are established, although there continues to be some movement in and out of LE math. Some schools begin the process of regrouping for math on a daily basis. This allows for academic peers to work together on a more regular basis and often results in a smaller pull-out math group. In addition to the above-mentioned considerations for inclusion, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores are used as well as Pennsylvania State Standard Assessment (PSSA) scores as they become available. Scores from the district curriculum based beginning, middle and year-end assessments, classroom grades are also considered. 

    Pull Out Mathematics Instruction

    The Gifted Support/Learning Enrichment and Math Departments have worked together to find activities that support the needs of the advanced learner. The activities will vary from building to building and group to group. Gifted teachers match the activities that best meet the needs of a particular group but will cover the following areas during the course of the year:
    • Number Systems/operations with whole numbers
    • Geometry 2D and 3D
    • Data Analysis/mean, median, mode, and range
    • Measurement, including area and perimeter, money, linear, volume, etc.
    • Number Systems/ operations with rational numbers
    • Algebraic concepts/patterns, functions, change
Last Modified on August 21, 2019