High School Gifted Support/Learning Enrichment

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  • The General Education program at the high school provides for many levels of student ability including college preparatory, advanced and AP courses. The State College Area School District recognizes that highly able learners may have different educational needs beyond what is offered in the General Education program.

    State High’s program for highly able learners is called the Learning Enrichment/Gifted Support Program (LE/GS). It requires active student contracts be maintained and goal setting and reflection during each semester of involvement. Participants in LE/GS are involved in enrichment and/or acceleration in classes or outside activities. LE/GS students may be scheduled in the Learning Enrichment or ARTsmART rooms during study hall time to meet their learning goals and work on enrichment plans.

    With advanced approval, students may additionally participate in the LE/GS program through their pursuit of credit by means outside of the General Education program.  Alternative credit options are limited to: Independent Study, Correspondence or Online Course, Course by Appointment, Portfolio Evaluation, and Formalized Study Abroad Programs.

    Students who are interested in participating in the LE/GS program through scheduled time in the LE/GS classroom, or any of the above options for earning credit should contact a Learning Enrichment or ARTsmART teacher. Participation in the program is dependent upon demonstrated interest, exemplary performance in the General Education classes, and completion of all LE/GS requirements.

    Gifted Support

    Students who have needs that cannot be met within General Education and Learning Enrichment services can be referred for evaluation for Gifted Support services. The Gifted Support component may provide acceleration and/or enrichment for students who have unusual abilities and are identified as gifted. A multidisciplinary team determines the appropriateness of placement in Gifted Support based on information secured from group achievement and ability tests, grades, an individual psychological examination, parent and teacher observations, and teacher, program specialist, and administrator recommendations. If Gifted Support services are recommended by a multidisciplinary team, the parents and student will be invited to attend and participate in a program planning meeting where a Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) will be developed.

    Learning Enrichment

    Learning Enrichment is an individualized program for students who have evidenced a high degree of motivation, and whose educational plans can be enhanced by learning activities in the school and/or community. Students typically spend their day in the high school taking required and elective courses for graduation. An individual learning contract outlines learning objectives and enrichment goals which are required for program participation.

    The Learning Enrichment Program is flexible enough to meet the needs of students who have different interests, skills, and educational goals. Options for enrichment experiences include but are not limited to: Graduation Project, Tutoring, Lab Experience, LE/AS Class, Penn State Class, Independent Study, Mentorship/Internship, Practice Music, Private Lesson, Coaching, and Community Service. Students interested in scheduling enrichment time are encouraged to meet with the program’s specialists for applications and contracts well in advance of the onset of each semester.

    Learning Enrichment ARTsmART

     ARTsmART is an extension of the enrichment program for academically motivated students with interests or gifts in music, visual and performing arts.

    Learning Enrichment/ARTsmART OUT

    In response to varied student interests and needs, the LE/AS program offers an opportunity to leave the high school campus to pursue experiences not available within this setting. Parental involvement and responsibility are especially vital to Learning Enrichment options that involve leaving campus. Students must demonstrate superior performance in all classes to qualify and maintain eligibility for LE or ARTsmART OUT.

    Advanced Option

    Any elective course for which an Advanced or AP level is not available within the scope and sequence of the subject area may be eligible for an Advanced Option contract. This contract will be created in collaboration with the teacher of record and an LE/AS teacher. Advanced Option contracts require substantial depth and complexity beyond the requirements for the regular level course. Successful completion will result in advanced credit and a weighted grade.

    Note: Advanced option credit is not available for non-elective classes required for graduation (ex: PE, Health, English, Social Studies). Advanced option credit is additionally not available for World Language courses prior to Level 4.


Last Modified on March 6, 2020