• CAC for School Health and Safety GOAL

    To maintain schools where:

    All are safe, secure, nurtured and healthy through the promotion of proper nutrition and physical activity
    Common respect is practiced among all members of the school community. 
    Where there is development and implementation of a comprehensive Safe School Plan which includes effective developmental prevention, intervention, environmental risk reduction and crises response strategies.

    The State College Area School District's Safe School Plan has evolved over many years.  The input to the plan has been quite broad allowing the plan to incorporate a comprehensive perspective.  In 1986, plans began for a traumatic events procedure which led to our first Board Policy on the issue in 1989.  Since then, the emphasis on crisis response has continued, but developmental. prevention, intervention and risk reduction initiatives have become more common.

    In the early 1990's, mediation and conflict resolution became part of our effort, and by the mid 90's, each of these strategies were becoming more a part of the school support program.  In the later 90's, the conflict resolution emphasis was included in the regular curriculum in various areas, K-12.
    In 2011 Restorative Practices became a part of our programing.  District school counselors, staff and administration began implementing restorative circles and restorative meetings.
    In 2012 the District moved away from Crises Prevention Intervention and moved toward Safety Care training.  Safety Care in now the primary response to students in crises.
    In 2013 the District focused on "all hazards preparedness" and developed a comprehensive plan including preventions measures for all types of hazards, being prepared for all types of hazards, and recovering from all types of hazards.  The District developed a hierarchy to monitor, effectiveness of plan, response to hazards and reflections on actions taken.
    District Hierachy  
    The Role of the CAC for School Health and Safety:

    The CAC for School Health and Safety primary role is to be advisory and/or consultative on issues related to the District's safety and overall well being of the school community. This committee helps to clarify problems related to safety by doing the following: organizing and analyzing data, helping to identify and evaluate alternative solutions, making recommendations to the Board and/or by assisting in communicating the final decisions.
Last Modified on January 14, 2020