• Do you have a hard time getting started or explaining your ideas clearly?

    Are you writing something that you just don’t feel good about yet ?

    Do you want another set of eyes on the page from a writer who is invested in your success?

    Are you struggling with your thesis statement?    

    The Writing Center will help you no matter what you need. We are writers who help writers.  

    We will work with you at any stage of the writing process. 

    Our writing conferences are about 10-20 minutes each and the teacher will provide feedback or assistance about one or two aspects of the paper.  


    Students must come prepared with:

    • a pass from a study hall or classroom teacher
    • the assignment details


    The writing center will help you:

    • Generate ideas
    • Expand on ideas
    • Polish and sharpen your ideas/writing
    • Gain confidence as a writer


    The writing center is NOT for:

    • Fixing all of your errors in a paper
    • Completely unprepared students
    • Complaints about assignments
    • A guaranteed grade on an assignment


    We are located with the ACE tutoring Center in DPod

Last Modified on August 31, 2019