The Pennsylvania Department of Health mandates health screenings for all students in grades K - 12.


    Dental Screening                  Grades K, 3, 7 and new students  

    Hearing                                 Grades K, 1,  2,  3,  7,  11,  and new students

    Height and Weight               All grades.  BMI is calculated and all parents have access to it in the parent portal.

    Vision                                    All grades

    Color Vision                          On entry to school and as necessary

    Stereo/Depth Perception    Grades K, and new students

    Physical Exams                    Grades K, 6, 11 and new students who were not examined in the appropriate lower grade

    Scoliosis                               Grades 6th and 7th students without a physical or PIAA sports examination


    Visual problems, hearing problems, and growth and development discrepancies can and do affect the educational, social and emotional development of children. Early detection of these concerns helps to assure a student of the best possible education experience.   A referral notice for medical evaluation will be mailed or emailed home if a problem is noted during the vision, hearing, or dental screening. If you have any concerns regarding height, weight, vision or hearing, your Certified School Nurse can rescreen your child at any time. 

    The Pennsylvania School Health Law requires a physical examination for all kindergarten, 6th grade, 11th grade students and new students. It is recommended that the examination be completed by your personal physician. An exam performed 12 months prior to the start of school and any time during the school year is acceptable. Please return the Private Physical Exam Form to the school nurse. This form is available on this web site or in the nursing office.

    • Physical exams are offered at school each spring. This exam at school is a screening done by the school physician. A referral for further professional evaluation will be made if a health problem is noted. There is no charge for the examination and parents may be present. The exam is done in the health room, and the school nurse is present.


    Pennsylvania School Health Law requires dental examinations of Kindergarten, new students to the district, all 3rd graders, all 7th graders and any students who have no record of a dental exam on file. We strongly encourage you to take your child to your private dentist since he or she can best evaluate your child and make the necessary recommendations. An examination performed 12 months prior to the start of school and anytime during the school year is accepted.    

    SCOLIOSIS (A lateral curvature of the spine): Done by the school nurse (March/April) for all 6th and 7th graders without a physical or PIAA sports examination. The screening is done privately and the child is required to remove their shirt. A physical therapist from Mount Nittany Medical Center will re-screen any students if an asymmetry is noted by the nurse. A parent will be notified before the physical therapist visits in late April. A parent will be notified of the physical therapist's evaluation and if further medical evaluation is recommended.


Last Modified on April 21, 2022