The administration of prescribed and over-the-counter medication to a student during school hours will be permitted when: 

    • Failure to take such medicine would jeopardize the health of the student or,
    • The student would not be able to attend school if the medicine were not made available during school hours.
    • Please note: 
      • A new medication form must be completed and submitted each school year.
      • It is best if parents bring the medication and completed forms to the nurse's office to ensure all requirements have been met.

    Medication Administration Guidelines

    It is best if medication can be given at home, before or after school: 

    • If it is necessary to take medication at school, it will be stored in the nurse's office to be given at the time designated by the physician.
    • All medication must be in the original container, with the proper label from the pharmacy and within the expiration date.
    • Students are not allowed to carry medication in backpacks, lunch boxes or keep it in their desks. The exceptions are emergency inhalers, epinephrine, insulin and intranasal seizure medications with completed documentation. 
    • All forms must be completed prior to medications going on field trips.
    • Medication forms must be signed by both the guardian and the doctor before medications can be administered at school.

    Medication Forms, please turn into the school nurse:

    Over-the-counter medication (OTC), please turn into the school nurse:

Last Modified on November 29, 2023