• Week of May 31 - June 3rd

    • Tuesday - Day 4 - Library
    • Wednesday - Day 5 - STEM
    • Thursday - Day 1 - PE
    • Friday - Day 2 - Half Day - no special!

    End of Year Activities

    - Tudek - June 1st (very hot with a chance of thunderstorms as of right now. I'll email you all tomorrow with a plan for Wednesday). 

    - Field Day - June 2nd

    Summer Reading

    I will be sharing out a Google Doc sometime this week with summer book suggestions for your children. Students will create this in class, and hopefully it will be a great list to keep their reading moving along this summer!

    Favor to Ask

    Each year, I encourage students to take books home from my classroom library each night to make sure that they are reading at night and making progress with their books. I love doing this and I feel it really helps students with their reading progress, but each year many books don't make it back to my classroom library. Please check at home for any books that say, "MCALEER" or "Room 221" on the inside cover or the outside and send them back in so next year's students can enjoy the books as well! Thank you for your help with this!


    Thank you all so very much for a wonderful year. I tell this group of kids so often that teachers love each group of kids they have, but every once in awhile, a group comes along that stays in our hearts for a long time. This year was that year for me. I wish I could keep this group again for another year.  Their kindness, love for learning, and work ethic made for a really special, memorable year. Thanks to you all for being great families to work with. Have a wonderful summer! 



Last Modified on May 30, 2022