•  Week of March 20th - March 24th 

    • Monday -  Day 5 - Art
    • Tuesday - Day 1 - Library
    • Wednesday- Day 2 - Music
    • Thursday - Day 3 - STEM
    • Friday- Day 4 - PE

    *Reminder - band lessons are on Day 1, orchestra lessons are on Day 4, and morning choir rehearsal is Day 3

    - We are in need of classroom snack and tissue donations. Individual pretzel bags or pretzel rods are great for snacks. Thank you!

    Learning Updates:

    Reading: We will start our second nonfiction unit this week, reviewing the types of nonfiction, choosing good fit books, and thinking through point of view within nonfiction books

    Writing: We will continue with our special person opinion piece, focusing on voice and mini stories this week

    Math - We will continue our work with Unit 4, which focuses on Addition, Subtraction, & Multiplication 

    Science - This week, we will continue our work with our new science unit. We are field testing a unit called Our Changing Earth, which focuses on geology.





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