The Park Forest Elementary PTO has generously subsidized this year's school supply list. With these additional funds, we have already been able to purchase many student supplies for 2023-24. However, the following items will still need to be supplied by individual families.  

    *1 Boxes of Tissues

    *1 pair of Headphone with a small connector for use with a Chromebook. Please put it in a gallon size ziploc bag with your child's name on it. These will be your child's for the year to keep at school and will be returned at the end of the year. Past experience has shown us that the small earbuds don't work well and that some of the fancy designed headphones (ones that light up or look cute), tend to break easily.

    Donations of the following are appreciated: Clorox, Lysol or Seventh Generation Wipes (per district policy it must be one of these brands)

    *Ziploc Snack, Sandwich, or Gallon size bags with zippers

    *Paper Towel -- great for cleaning up spills that often happen in the classroom

    *Water bottle -- with your child's name on it. Please make sure this is one that is spill proof -- or as spill proof as we can get.  We do have water refiling stations that can be used if your child runs out of water during the day. We do send these bottles home daily.  Disposable water bottles don't work well because they all look alike and spill easily.


    Thank you! 




Last Modified on August 6, 2023