• Taking The Gerbils Home

    Throughout the school year, the Room 220 Orcas and the Room 220 Mathematicians will have the opporutnity to take our gerbils, Chocolate & Vanilla, home for one or two weekends. Below you will find which student will be taking the gerbils home over the weekends:



    16th - 19th: Ben

    23rd - 26th: 


    6th - 9th: 

    13th - 16th: 

    20th - 23rd:

    27th - 30th:   


    4th - 7th: 

    11th - 14th: 

    18th - 21st:

    25th - 29th:


    1st - 4th: 

    8th - 11th: 

    A copy of the permission form to take the geribls home can be found here



Last Modified on March 14, 2018