• Physics 1 Course Guidelines


    Instructor: Ray Regan

    E-Mail: rwr13@scasd.org


    Daily Requirements- You should bring the following to class everyday: notebook, pen or pencil, and a calculator.   The textbook will be used as needed.  Hats are to be removed at the door and cell phones put away.

    Attendance - You are expected to be in class everyday.  If you should be absent due to an illness or some other legal excuse your excuse should be turned into the office within 72 hours.  If you should forget to bring in an excuse then the absence with be deemed unexcused.  An unexcused absence will result in a call to your parents and/or disciplinary action.  The grade for any work that was due that day or assigned that day will be reduced as per State High Guidelines.   It is your responsibility to obtain any assignments that you may have missed.  The best time to obtain assignments is immediately before class. Additionally, assignments and handouts are posted on-line and can be accessed at my website:

    Mr. Regan's Website at SCASD

    Daily agenda and assignments are posted on Google Classroom

    You will have the same number of class days as you were absent to make up work.  If you miss the day before an exam or the day of the exam, see the teacher on the day of your return to schedule an appropriate time to take the exam.  You should schedule lab make-ups as soon as possible

    Late to Class- It is important that you arrive to class on time so that class can begin with no interruptions.  South Building students will have an extra minute or two to cross the street.   If you are not crossing the street, you expected to be in class before the bell rings.   This includes first block!  If you are frequently tardy (more than three), you will be assigned detention and the problem discussed with your parents.

    Bathroom Pass- There is one pass for the room.  Only one person may use the pass at a time and is limited to 5 min.  You must sign out and in on the form provided, make sure you take the designated pass.  Those who abuse this privilege may have it revoked.  The pass cannot be used for the first or last 10 minutes of the period.


    Class Behavior- While in class you should conduct yourself in a manner that will reflect positively on you and have a positive impact on others.  You are expected to arrive on time with your assignments completed everyday.  You are to sit quietly when someone is speaking whether it is the teacher or a fellow student.  Your active participation in all class discussions and activities is required to make class the best it can be.

    Assignments - Assignments are due the next day unless specified by the teacher.  Late work will be treated as per the State High Guidelines.

    Laboratory- You will be participating in a variety of labs and activities throughout the year.  It is important that you have a good working knowledge of safety in the Physics lab before you begin.  

    Laboratory Equipment- You will be assigned lab equipment to use for the year.  At the beginning of the year, you will assess this equipment and sign that it is in good working order.  If any items should be lost, damaged, or stolen, you will be held financially responsible for their replacement.  

    Laboratory Reports - You will be required to write lab reports for some of the labs that you perform.  Some reports will be more detailed than others but all have the same basic requirements:             

    1. Data tables and/or written observations.
    2. Questions and/or calculations.
    3. Analysis

    Lab write-ups are to be treated as reports.  They should always be in pen or typed.  They should be neat and easy to read.  


    No food or drink is allowed in the Lab Area.


    Electronic Devices- You cannot use any Internet capable electronic devices during any assessment.  This includes but is not limited to tests and quizzes.   Use of the electronic device will result in a referral to the administration and a zero on the assessment.  Cell Phones cannot be used during class unless instructed to use them for an Edmodo quiz, use of the Periodic Table app, or a research project.


    Grading- Physics 1 is graded based on the following weighted percentages:

    50% - Tests        

    25% - Lab Reports

    15% - Quizzes 

    10% - Homework


    For Extra Help in Physics

    • Sign out a textbook
    • Use the on-line tutorials provided by your textbook at scilinks.org. Type in the code given in the textbook for that topic.
    • Visit the Khan Academy at khanacademy.org and search a topic
    • The Phet Interactive Simulations through the University of Colorado Boulder at https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/physics


    Final Exam- There will be a comprehensive final exam given at the end of the year.  It is worth 10% of your final grade.


    Projects - Physics 1 is designated as a Project Course.  There will be several opportunities to complete a project that is required for graduation.  Your teacher will let you know when a lab project can be used to satisfy this requirement.  The Graduation Project will require some work beyond the basic assignment.

Last Modified on August 10, 2017