• 12th Grade Psychology Syllabus

    Mr. Brennan

    Teacher Contact Info:

    Mr. Timothy C. Brennan

    Email: tcb21@scasd.org

    Phone: 814-272-4697

    Course Title:  Psychology

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    Course Description: This semester long course analyzes the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes.  The goal is to introduce students to the content, terminology, methodology and application of psychology. The courese is divided into five domains of psychology: (1) the Methods Domain; (2) the Biopsychological Domain; (3) the Developmental Domain; (4) the Cognitive Domain; and (5) the Variations in Individual and Group Behavior Domain.  The course will center around: critical thinking, research skills, reflective writing, discussion, cooperative learning and individual organization.  A heavy emphasis is placed on individual and small-group projects.  A majority of the course requirements will be fulfilled during class time. Students will be expected to read, write and speak throughout the year with a strong emphasis on literacy skills particularly reading and interpreting primary and secondary sources in the study of psychology.

    Course Textbook: Blair-Broeker, Charlie, and Randal M. Ernst. Thinking about psychology: the science of mind and behavior. 2nd ed., New York, Worth, 2008.

    Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour: The Student Centre- The Student Centre contains material to accompany the study of Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour. This material includes:

    • Weblinks
    • Glossary (available in English, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian)
    • Link to Silvius Interactive Brain Dictionary
    • Self-test questions
    • True and false questions
    • Essay questions

    Units Taught:

    1. History, Perspectives and Careers
    2. Research and Statistics
    3. Biological Bases of Behavior
    4. Sensation and Perception
    5. Motivation, Emotion and Stress
    6. Lifespan Development and Personality
    7. Learning and Memory
    8. Psychological Disorders
    9. Social Psychology


    1 - Quizzes

    2 - Homework Assignments

    3 - Projects/Presentations

    4 - Research/Writing projects/Critiques

    5 - Participation

    Classroom Rules and Guidelines:

    In order to ensure a safe learning environment for all and the key to making everyone feel as though they are part of the class, only one rule need be applied: BE RESPECTFUL. Respect oneself, your fellow students, the teacher, and the classroom.

    Educational Films:

    Awakenings, Babies, John Q, 127 Hours (clips), Law and Order Episodes - those that showcase important psychological concepts

    Psychological References: Books online-



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