• What are the main tools or useful features of Career Cruising?

    There are many helpful and beneficial features of this program. But the basic components include the following:

    1. Interest inventories and skills assessments- Career Crusing offers users a unique and statistically normed interest inventory called Matchmaker. It includes 116 questions for which students enter responses on a 5-part likert scale ranging from "Dislike very much" to "Like very much". The inventory can be completed in three intervals, with career reccomendations becoming more specific as the user answers more questions. The program also provides users with a 46 question self-rated skills assessment. The results of the skills assessment are presented as a grade value with career recommendations. So once both assessments are completed, the user can view results of "what do I like to do" and "what do I think I am good at" and, ultimately, what might be a good match for me to consider pursuing. 
    2. Career and Occupational information database- Career Cruising contains detailed information (job descriptions, employment projections, expected earnings, work conditions, typical education/training pathways, related careers, etc.) for over 500 occupations. Users can research extensive data, view video recorded interviews of pofessionals in the feild, link occupations to colleges and trade schools that offer matching programs, and save every search in a career portfolio through Career Cruising.
    3. Post-secondary education/training and military information database- Many online programs exist that allow students to search for colleges, schools, training programs, or military opportunities that allign with their interests, strengths, and goals. Career Cruising offers such a resource as well. The beneft of using this program as opposed to another is that all of the interest inventories and career searches are linked with a user's profile. This allows for a student to consider post-high school pathways with a rich and extensive variety of factors and input guiding one's decision of a next step that makes sense and alligns with a search that spans all secondary grade levels. 
    4. Scholarship and financial aid tools- Paying for college or any post-secondary educational program can be expensive, stressful, and difficult to navigate. One feature of Career Cruising is a comprehensive national scholarship search engine that will help students to find scholarships that are relevant and finacially beneficial prior to graduating high school. Again, the program allows for students to seek scholarships that match with the student's profile, thus simplifying the search process, which can be overwhelming and complex. 
    5. Job search and resume builder- Career Cruising has a job search engine that can be useful for students planning to directly enter the workforce after high school. It also contains a resume building tool that can assist students in preparing for job interviews, completing job applications, and navigating the steps of seeking professional employment. 

    How do I help students log onto Career Cruising?

    1. Open any web browser and go to www.scasd.org. 
    2. From the SCASD district homepage you can click on a tab near the top right corner of the page titled "Resources".
    3. Select "Student Links".  
    4. A list of links will appear. Click on Career Cruising (at the top of the list).
    5. You will be linked directly to a google login site for Career Cruising.
    6. Enter your SCASD credentials (user ID and password that you use at school) and get started! 

    How can I try using Career Cruising so I can better guide my students?

    As a teacher or advisor you can access Career Cruising as a student-user via the Career Advisory Management System (CAMS). 

    1. Enter this URL into your web browser: https://www.careercruising.com/School/Login.aspx 
    2. Enter User-name SCAHS and Password LIONS
    3. Enter your CAMS Advisor Password (If you do not have a password assigned to you, conatct the counseling office in your building) 
    4. Near the top right corner of the CAMS home page, click on Demo Students
    5. Select one of the preloaded Demo accounts and create a profile using that account to explore Career Cruising! 

    When should I be using Career Cruising with my students?

    When and how you use Career Cruising in with your students depends an many factors. But the hope is that all teachers are familiar with this program and feel able to utilize in an effort to support students' future planning and exploration. 

    Some possible times when the use of Career Cruising may be beneficial include:

    • During SLC meeting times throughout the year
    • In junior and senior classes that involve career decision making or linking coursework to post-secondary opportunities
    • In 9LC cohort collaboration time
    • During course request entry time when discussing class selection with students
    • In CTC courses which may lead students to specific training or higher education pathways

    *There is also a plan being developed by the SCASD counseling department to have students utilize specific features of Career Cruising each year over the course of their sceondary schooling. Click HERE to see the current model.


    Can I view my students' results from the Career Cruising inventories and research of post-secondary opportunites? 

    Yes! Via the CAMS site you can view the profile of every student to whom you've been assigned. You can also treat Career Cruising like a second class website by sending students assignments, posting items of class relevance, assigning specific tasks within Career Cruising, etc. 

    Who do I contact if I have questions about Career Cruising?

    All school counselors at the secondary level have been trained in the basic use of Career Cruising. Some have had more extensive training. If you have a question about how to use the tools contained in Career Cruising or how to assist students in using the program, please contact a school counselor in your building. 

Last Modified on January 18, 2018