• Algebra and Geometry 8

    Ms. Mayberry

    Email:  [email protected]

    Phone:  441-3117 (cell)

    Room 509


    Course Description:

    This course prepares students for further algebraic study in the high school.   We will be using the Open Up Resources Curriculum. The students will tackle exciting new ideas and concepts in preparation for work in high school. They extend earlier understandings of proportional relationships to study linear relationships and work with linear equations in one and two variables. Among other things, they are also introduced to the idea of functions and have their first encounter with irrational numbers. 





    Check Your Understanding Guidelines: 

    Check Your Understanding will be assigned when I feel students will benefit from additional practice. Most likely 4-5 times a week. There will be an assignment link on Canvas. Please check the assignment page daily. I make my weekly plans Sunday evenings and depending on how your learning progresses I may make changes to my plans during the week. I must be flexible covering our course goals.  If you have questions, please email or call me.


    Behavioral Guidelines:

    I expect students to put forth their best effort each day by fully participating in classroom activities, including asking and answering questions and sharing group discussions. Students will maintain a positive learning environment, supportive of all students’ learning styles and strengths. Any actions to demean or distract from another student’s ability to learn will not be tolerated. I promote the concept of mutual respect. Students experiencing problems should take the initiative to see me as soon as possible.

    All school rules found in your student handbook should be followed.



    If you don’t understand something, please come and see me.  I am available throughout the day and can make arrangements to meet with you or Zoom with you.  Please don’t wait until right before a test or after you have failed a test to ask for help, you need to be proactive!    


     My promise to students:

    I will create an environment that respects all students’ strengths and weaknesses. I will provide multiple learning opportunities for students to be successful. I will provide constructive feedback to enhance student understanding. I will be available for questions or additional help, within reason. I will hold students to high yet fair expectations.

    If there are any questions about these guidelines or throughout the school year, parents should feel free to contact me at any time via email or my cell phone number. My goal is to challenge students to reach their full potential, to be reasonably demanding, to help build character and self-confidence, but not to discourage them through the learning process.


    Let’s have an AWESOME year!


    Ms. Mayberry

Last Modified on August 16, 2021