• Mount Nittany Middle School Roar Store Constitution


    Article I: Name

    Section I: This organization shall be called the MNMS Roar Store .

    Article II: Purpose

    Section I: The purpose of this organization shall be to: develop attitude of, and practice in good citizenship in retail of supplies, to help increase preparedness of students and to make available clothing to promote school spirit.

    Article III: Composition

    Section I: The Roar Store shall be composed of six (6) managers and fourteen shop clerks.

     Article IV: Qualifications, Job Descriptions and Terms

    Section I: The management team will comprise of General, Finance, Inventory, Communications, Supply chain and Human Resource Managers.

    Section II: All officers shall be 7th & 8th graders.

    Section III: The General Manager shall preside at all meetings of the MNMS Roar Store meetings and appoint committees. He or She is also in charge of interschool relations and represents the school on all public occasions.

    Section IV: The Financial Manager shall perform duties of the General Manager in his or her absence. The Financial Manager shall also be responsible for maintaining an accurate Financial records and accounting of goods sold, and purchased and be responsible to make regular deposits to the MNMS Roar Store account.

    Section V: The Communications Manager shall keep minutes of all Roar Store meetings, handle all official correspondence, and keep a file of all official Roar Store business.

    Section VI: The Human Resource manager will create and post all work schedules shall have charge of all attendance information, call attendance at all meetings and recording the meeting times.

    Section VII: The store clerks shall attend meetings every day 6 and share their ideas, & concerns at all meetings. They will also help maintain a clean environment for the store and its supplies.

    Section VIII: The Supply Chain and Inventory Managers will be charged with discussing new items and maintaining an accurate count of all inventory and make sure that supplies are accurate and available for purchase.

    Section IX: All officers and representatives of Mount Nittany Middle School Roar Store shall maintain a grade of  “C” in all subjects. They shall also be students who are good citizens, setting the best possible example for the school. Will treat all customers in a respectful manner.

    Section X: All retail members of the MNMS School Store will serve for at least 1 semester. All officers are asked for a years commitment to the Roar Store

    Article IV: Meetings

    Section I: All ROAR store members shall meet every day 6 Area all year starting with the 1st area cycle

    Section II: Attendance at all meeting is mandatory and members shall be excused from meetings only in case of absence or prior permission from the advisors.

     Article V: Voting

    Section I: Each Manager and Clerk is entitled to one (1) vote in the Roar Store Meetings.

     Article VI:  Oath of Office

    Section I: A school official shall administer the oath of office to the Managers of the Roar Store at a time and place convenient to all.

    Section II: The Oath is “ I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of  …. of the Mount Nittany Middle School Roar Store and will, to the best of my ability, preserve and protect the Constitution of the Roar Store.”

     Article VIII: Powers Delegated by School Administration

    Section I: All powers of the Managers are delegated to it by the school administration; therefore, any action taken by the Council is subject to administrative approval.

     Article IX: Removal from Office

    Section I: An Manager or Sales Staff may be removed from office for repeated failure to carry out his or her duties. This will be carried out in the event any Roar Store member  receives a grade below a “C” in any school subject, receives 2 after school detentions, or 1 in school suspension. Out of school suspensions and stealing from the Roar Store are grounds for immediate dismissing from the Roar Store. This will apply during the tenure as a Roar Store member.

     Article X: Amendment Process

    Section I: This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the Managers, Sales Team and advisor. The proposed amendment must be discussed during two (2) regular meetings of the Roar Store. The vote to amend shall be taken following the second discussion.

     Article XI: Ratification

    Section I: This Constitution shall become effective after discussion and consensus vote by the Managers, Sales Representatives and the adviser.

Last Modified on October 8, 2017