Course Outline


    Introduction to the Study of Children

    Benefits of studying child development

    Childhood past and present

    The Study of Child Development

    Areas of development

    Characteristics of development

    Influences on development

    Theories and theorists

    Parenting Skills

    Parenting needs

    Parenting styles

    Guiding children’s behavior

    Infant Development

    Influence on prenatal development and birth

    Physical care

    Health and Safety

          * Infant care simulation activity

    Development of the Toddler

    Observing, participating and encouraging the development of the preschooler through play

    Large motor skills

    Small motor skills


    Sensory development

    Cognitive development

    Pre-math activities

    Block play/constructions

    Pre-science activities

    Creativity and the Young Child

    * Language and Literature

    Music, rhythm and movement

    Children and books

    Emotional and Social Development

    Dramatic play

    Special topics

    Child abuse, child safety, special needs


    * Core assessment areas