• Kindergarten and the student day proposal

    We recognize that our kindergarten students have different developmental needs than older students. Our current schedule limits teachers’ flexibility in providing imaginative activities that are developmentally appropriate for kindergarteners.

    Supported by teachers, this proposal would allow them to implement more developmentally appropriate activities for kindergarten students. This would include additional time to grasp concepts in a more relaxed learning environment, as well as incorporate free and structured play, group play, and possibly a rest time.

    While our kindergarten program is fundamentally academic-based, our plan is not to expand children’s workloads. Rather, we feel students will benefit from more time to work on existing curricula. In addition, teachers would have more opportunities to be responsive to individual students’ needs.

    Many districts still have a half-day kindergarten program. Our district believes a full-day program provides a richer, more varied learning experience for students. However, we do have families that select a half-day option for their child, and they will continue to have this choice.

    Ultimately, we’re developing this proposal to enhance our current kindergarten program while continuing its goal of instilling a lasting love for learning and school.

Last Modified on November 17, 2017