• Every student in our class has been provided with an assignment/reminder book. The purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for the student to be primarily responsible for writing down and taking home the assignments and/or reminders discussed in school. This also allows them to set time management goals and to see the "big" picture of week.
    What you should expect as homework: (District Guidelines state that students in Grade 4 should be engaged in activities to enhance and/or reinforce their academic learning for approximately 40 mins. each evening)
    All-Star HomeworkWe try to use many Whole Brain Teaching strategies in our classroom, and we will be doing something called “ALL-STAR HOMEWORK”.  Each week, your child will have homework items listed on a weekly bookmark.  These items will consist of activities that will help your child master the Fourth Grade SNAP words, become a better reader, and improve math fluency.  Each activity completed will earn your child 1 star.  There will be a variety of activities listed.  These activities should be shared with or turned into the teacher if applicable. Each time an activity is completed, your child should circle the star by it on the bookmark.  On Thursday night, your child should add up his/her stars for the week and write the total.  He/she should then get you to sign it to confirm the amount.  This bookmark will be turned in on Friday.  We will total all of our stars together and our ALL-STAR TEAM (our class) will earn a reward based on the number of stars earned.
    Math- If math is assigned for my math students this is a "must-do" and should be turned in as soon as completed.  Every math page counts as one star.
    Reading and Language Arts- Your child should be spending a fair amount of time reading every night. At least 20 minutes of their nightly homework should consist of reading.
    Projects- Your child will have various projects in Reading, Social Studies, and Science depending on the unit of study and time of year. A monthly letter essay will be due the last Thursday of every month beginning in October. Please check assignment books for more specific information pertaining to these projects.
Last Modified on September 15, 2019