• What you should expect as homework: (District Guidelines state that students in Grade 4 should be engaged in activities to enhance and/or reinforce their academic learning for approximately 40 mins. each evening)

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    All Star Homework

    We will be doing something called “ALL-STAR HOMEWORK” this year.  The students will be expected to read 20 minutes each night and complete math homework each night it may be sent home.  These “must-dos” can be counted for one star each. Beyond that, your student will have optional homework choices listed on a Star Homework bookmark.  These choices will consist of activities that will help your student master his or her individual word study words, become a better reader, improve math and digital skills, or spend time working on projects.  Each activity completed will earn one star. These activities should be shared and turned in when applicable. Each time an activity is completed, your student should circle the star by it on the bookmark.  Every Thursday night, your student should add up his or her stars for the week, write the total, and have their grown-up sign the bottom.  This bookmark will be turned in on Friday.  We will total all of our stars together and our ALL-STAR TEAM (our class) will earn Dojo points toward classroom rewards.

    100 stars = 20 Class Dojo points

    101-150 stars = 30 Class Dojo points

    151 and above = 40 Class Dojo points

    Together, as a TEAM, we will grow and succeed!

    *Your child will have other “must-do” homework on occasion.  Examples:  Letter Essays, Special Projects, Make-up Work, or Unfinished Classwork.  

Last Modified on September 7, 2022