• State College Area School District Media and Communications Manager Nabil K. Mark offers an in-depth training of the Blackboard, formerly Schoolwires, website Site Manager. Learn how to use the New Editing Experience program including everything from logging in to embedding videos. A timeline is also listed below so you can jump to particular topics that interest you. Please use this video as an introduction to our Site Manager, a reference for problems you might be encountering or for learning new things.


    Logging in: 0:38
    Features and navigation of the Site Manager and our website: 1:20
    Making and editing a page: 4:25
    Changing the fonts and text sizes: 5:15
    Old classic workspace and content: 6:13
    Old pages and content that have gone through conversions and how they work: 7:38
    Making a new page: 9:14
    The new editing experience: 10:07
    Directly editing a page from your public website, edit page button: 10:57
    Renaming a page and other features of the actions button: 12:43
    Deleting a page and recovering pages from the recycling bin: 14:02
    Active and inactive button: 14:45
    Apps, what are they and how to use them: 15:31 
    Blackboard vs. Schoolwires, who's who: 15:45
    Copying and pasting text into a page, spacing issues: 17:06
    What is code: 18:01
    Problems editing old content, spacing, formatting issues: 18:50
    Paste as text button: 19:20
    Working with text on a page: 21:05
    How do I fix double spacing: 22:10
    Desktop and mobile preview button: 23:44
    Inserting a photo onto a page: 24:49
    Inserting links to a website or e-mail: 27:38
    Inserting a document or file: 29:58
    Apps, using multiple and the drag and drop feature: 31:55
    Document viewer app, embeds the document on your page: 32:30
    How to delete an app: 37:16
    Photo gallery app: 37:35
    Problems with photos horizontal or vertical orientation on a page or in a gallery: 39:56
    How many apps should I have on a page: 41:48
    Changing the layout of your page, adding columns or different areas for apps: 43:12
    Divider app: 44:48
    Embed code app: 46:00
    Making embedded videos automatically resize to your page: 48:11
    Embedding inside a page with text on it, source code button: 49:50
    Sharing apps with other people: 51:14
    Calendar app, how to add events, using post to calendars tab: 55:02

    If you are having issues with your website, questions, or problems, please e-mail itsupport@scasd.org or Nabil Mark at nkm13@scasd.org.

Last Modified on November 17, 2023