• Conferring for Deeper Comprehension

    Character Questions:

    • What kind of person is __________ (main and secondary characters)?  
    • How is ___________ acting differently than s/he did before (about midway through a book)?
    • Explain how ______ reacts to the events in this chapter.
    • How is _________ changing (closer to the end of the book)?


    Vocabulary and Figurative Language Questions

    • When a student notices new vocabulary words or figurative language, ask her what she thinks the word or phrase means, checking to see how she uses what she knows from reading the book to interpret the word/figurative language.

    Themes & Ideas Questions

    • What is a lesson ________ learns by the end of the story (again, focusing on the main character)?  Is the student able to name a universal theme rather than a partial theme just from one section of the book.  For example, a universal thing would be “It’s important to stand up for yourself.”  A partial theme might be “Andy learns to like school.”
    • What is a lesson you learned from reading this book?

    Plot and Setting Questions

    • Retell what happens in this chapter.
    • What is the problem in this story?
    • Retell the three or four most important events from the whole story so far.
Last Modified on October 23, 2017