There are 3 intramural seasons each school year: fall, winter, and spring.

    During the fall intramural season, the following activities are offered to all 4th and 5th grade students: Fall Sports, (at Spring Creek Elementary) and Bowling (at Northland Bowl, fees apply).

    During the winter intramural season, we offer skiing at Tussey Mountain (fees apply) and volleyball at school.

    During the spring intramural season, we offer track and field and swimming (at the high school natatorium).

    Please click on "INTRAMURAL FORMS" to the left to download a copy of the schedule and/or permission slip for a particular season's activities. (These forms will be available for the activities offered during the current season.)

    *Please note - the same permission slip form is used for most intramural activities which take place at Spring Creek Elementary, but a new permission slip must be filled out for each season.