• Fifth Special Survey for K-5

    A quantitative survey was developed in collaboration with the PSU Center for Evaluation and Education Policy Analysis using the top three options that emerged from focus groups and open for respondents from Nov. 21, 2017 - Nov. 29, 2017. To view the transcripts of these focus groups click here.  View the PSU Center analysis here.

    Descriptions for STEM, personal development and Spanish language and culture were developed in consultation with the curriculum office and included in the survey. Each elementary school parent, guardian and faculty member with an email address registered with the district was invited to participate in the survey from Nov. 21 through Nov. 29. Within the survey, respondents were asked to support or oppose each option using a Likert Scale — i.e. respondents could strongly support or strongly oppose each of the three options on a seven point scale. Respondents were then asked to rank the options according to their highest preference. The survey required answers to all of the questions.

    The target audience for the survey was those most immediately impacted by the proposed fifth special—current K-5 parents and faculty. During the survey window, four reminders were sent to parents and faculty who had not yet responded.

    To maintain the integrity of the survey, it was designed to allow only one participation/response per email address. In collaboration with Dr. Ed Fuller, this was thoroughly tested and found to be secure.

    The survey was sent to 4,273 people — 4,038 families and 235 faculty — and we received responses from 2,074 people — 1,936 families and 225 faculty (these numbers add up to 2,161 because some faculty are also parents). Overall, the survey had a 49% response rate.

    These responses, analyzed with support from PSU’s Center for Evaluation and Education Policy Analysis, show the following:

    47.5% of respondents ranked STEM as their first choice.
    26.2% of respondents ranked Spanish language and culture as their first choice
    26.2% of respondents ranked personal development as their first choice
    86.7% of respondents support STEM (strongly support or support)
    67.6% of respondents support Spanish language and culture (strongly support or support)
    63.0% of respondents support personal development (strongly support or support)

    View the full survey results here

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Last Modified on December 4, 2017