English 9 Syllabus

  • CP English 9 Course Syllabus

    Mr. Jared McConkey (jrm46@scasd.org)

    Welcome to English 9.  This course is for students who will read, write, and think, utilizing a variety of skills that we will revamp and revitalize.


    Name and Pronunciation 

    You have the right to be referred to the name that you are most comfortable with. If the name listed on my roster is not the name you would like to be called, you are welcome to let me know in person or through email at any time. I do my best to learn names quickly and accurately. If I am mis-pronouncing your name, please let me know immediately (in person or in email). In addition, you also have the right to be referred to with the pronouns you are most comfortable with. In order to have a safe and respectful class environment, you should refer to your classmates by the name and pronouns they are most comfortable with. 



    This year we will rely heavily on technology. Please make sure you are prepared by bringing your device (Chromebook/personal laptop) and a set of headphones to class each day.

    Also, please do your best to charge your device before you arrive at school. Cords can be a dangerous trip hazard that can not only result in someone getting hurt but can also damage your device.


    Student Mental Health 

    SCASD and I are committed to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of its students. If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and/or in need of support, services are available. For help, contact your school counselor in E Pod: 

    Additional resources include: 

    • Safe to Say: threats, behaviors, actions and harassment. Examples include bullying or intimidation, threats of self-harm or bragging about planning an attack, violence, depression and social isolation, reckless behavior and substance abuse.
    • SAP: any non-urgent concern related to something that is a barrier to learning, or is preventing a student from being successful in school (substance use, mental health, or other)
    • REACT: to help any State high community member who feels that she or he is a victim of an act of bias or discriminatory behavior. REACT is not a punitive entity. The mission of this initiative is to promote education and dialogue around issues of diversity and inclusion.


    Inclusive Excellence

    Inclusive Excellence is the understanding that working, living, and learning environments benefit when diversity is recognized and utilized. Inclusive Excellence helps us to engage in civil conversation with those who hold views that differ from our own; and to socialize with persons who have had different life experiences. SCASD and I do not tolerate racism, violence or bullying by any individual or group. Just as importantly, we are actively working toward a more inclusive and caring environment to provide every student with a respectful, safe and positive experience on a daily basis. 


    How Inclusive Excellence Matters in English 

    Through text, we will discuss characters’ lives and context. These characters mirror real life/ likely experiences of others. As we seek to make connections to the real world and across cultures, please be mindful that sharing your opinion is encouraged, but not if it dehumanizes another person or group(s) of people. In our classroom space, opinions without thoughtful research and reflection are not as valid as those that contain research and reflection. We will practice writing before speaking to help you get your thoughts focused and developed. If you’re ever nervous about sharing, please talk to me beforehand and I can support you. 


    Texts for the Year


    • The Outsiders
    • A Raisin in the Sun + choice novel (pick from 4)
    • Antigone


    • Story/film excerpts
    • Poetry, non-fiction essays and articles


    The texts in our semester course highlight the following themes: 

    • Coming of Age
    • Impact of History and Culture 
    • Impact of Social Constructs on the Individual and Society (Literary Analysis)
    • Story-telling (Memoir)

    You will encounter reading texts that center around characters’ experiences with race, religion, socioeconomic status, education, gender, and non-nuclear family dynamics. Please be mindful of the experiences of other classmates. Refer to the How Inclusive Excellence Matters in English section above. 

    Materials needed for class each day:

    • Chromebook + charger + headphones
    • Some type of notebook (DO NOT keep a collection of loose papers)
    • An open mind and willing attitude
    • Respect for self and others


    Academic Integrity:

    You must be the sole author of all work produced in this class. If you are caught plagiarizing you will be held accountable. The SCASD Academic Integrity policy can be found in the SCHS Handbook. If you need help citing a source, reach out. I am happy to help you.  


    Any writing that requires citations should follow MLA rules. The website for Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a very valuable resource for reviewing MLA rules. You can find it at this short link - http://bit.ly/mlaowlsc 



    • Grades are compiled on a point system. 
    • You can find grades on HAC/Canvas
    • You have an open invitation to meet with me to revise work and resubmit


    Class Participation:

    Show up to class prepared to speak about the topic at hand with classmates. 

    Signs of active listening include:

    Signs of active verbal participation include:

    • Nodding
    • Taking notes
    • Body language (mirroring)
    • Eye contact
    • Questioning
    • Building on others’ ideas
    • Sharing original ideas, pointing out quotations that are relevant
    • Making connections to other texts and the world. 


    I believe behavior is a representation of how your needs are being met. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsafe, please know you can come to me and I will help you find resources. In class, I will work to create a routine of our daily block to help you anticipate what the day will look like. If you are struggling at any point, reach out to me. You are a person first and an English student second-- it is okay to get frustrated, and even fed up! Remember, above all else, I want you to leave our class feeling like you matter because you do! 



    We will be using an online learning management system known as Canvas. All assignments and grades will be posted and submitted through Canvas. Although Canvas does have a messaging system, please do not send me messages through Canvas. The best way to communicate with me is through email. 


    Technology Usage

    Heavy cognitive tasks like reading, writing, speaking, and listening require concentration. While we will be using Chromebooks often, cell phones, Chromebooks, and other electronic devices have the capacity to interrupt your focus. To start each class, you will be required to place your phone out of sight and on silent (not vibrate). When we are using devices in class, you are expected to be using your device in a responsible manner


    Late Work / Make-up Work

    If you feel you need more guidance in class or with assignments, tell me before an assignment is due. I am always willing to make time to help you get the most out of this class. I will always push you to do your best, and I understand that English class can be challenging. Because of this, I will try and make our class environment as positive as possible.


    Late work is an assignment not turned in by the established due date/class period. Assignments not turned in by the completion of the marking period will be recorded as a zero.  You are responsible for communicating with me. I will not chase you around for make-up work.  


    For any late assignments, please send me a brief email that follows the convention of professional email etiquette (salutation and closing) informing me of the updated submission and the reason for tardiness. This will help build professionalism, responsibility, courtesy, and ownership. Submitting an email with your late work does not guarantee a passing grade. 

    For more help with writing professional emails, check out this link - http://bit.ly/mcemailsc


    Final Thoughts

    Teachers, students, and families are facing a school year unlike anything we’ve experienced before. There will be unexpected challenges and obstacles along the way, but if we communicate, I’m confident that we can make this a successful school year. My ultimate goal is to be a resource for you. As important as the English material is, your well-being and safety are my top priorities. I am happy to work with you to find a path for success, but the first step in that process is to communicate clearly. Let me know if you are struggling. We can work through this school year together.