• Adv. Tech Research and Design - Y832  New

    Suggested Grade Level 11-12
    Prerequisites: Two years in a technology education sequence and/or two years in a CTC sequence.

    This is a year‐long, weighted academic course, providing an opportunity for students to apply research, engineering, and making skills in a STEM Lab to develop solutions to complex problems.  Using the Engineering Design Process and assistance from a professional mentor, students will conduct research on a specific problem in their area of interest, gather ideas, and brainstorm possible solutions to birth innovation.  A lab space with state-of-the art technology in laser cutting and engraving, CNC machining, 3D printing, and subtractive manufacturing processes will be available to construct a working product.  

    Students are encouraged to utilize this course to fulfil parallel goals, such as TSA projects, completing SLC or college portfolios, a graduation project, or community service.  The final presentation in this course will aid in documenting students’ time, efforts, and creative pursuits, which may be valuable to colleges and employers who seek individuals with real-world

Last Modified on August 20, 2019