• Kindergarten Class Half-day kindergarten option

    Our district works with families to provide appropriate educational experiences for all students. To that end, we recognize that some students may benefit from a morning half-day kindergarten option as they transition into our public schools. Families can pick the half-day option at any of our elementary schools during the registration process. At any time during the school year, they can elect to change to the full-day program for the remainder of the school year.

    The half day kindergarten option ends at 11:35 a.m. and parents/guardians need to provide transportation home for their child.  Lunch may be included in the half day option with principal permission. If a special class (music, art, gym, library, or S.T.E.M) occurs in the afternoon, the half day students would not be included in these.  Students are members of their kindergarten class for the a.m. part of the day, however, they can return to school for special activities such as classroom holiday parties, field trips and assemblies. In the case of special activities, the half day student would leave at the normal time of 11:35 a.m. and a parent/guardian would transport them back to school for the classroom holiday parties, field trips, and assemblies if they choose to do so.  At the conclusion of one of these events, parents would need to return to pick-up the child.

    At present, the district does not have a comprehensive half-day kindergarten program. Half-day students receive half of the full-day schedule and curriculum.

    For more information, email Heather Card at hvc11@scasd.org.

Last Modified on September 17, 2018