Learning Enrichment Out

  • Want to design an out-of-school program or experience unique to your needs that supports a future goal?  LE or ARTsmART OUT might be right for you. 

    For any OUT experience, you will start with the LE or ARTsmART application.  Upon completion of the application, the program coordinator will provide you with the appropriate OUT application

    Past out experiences

    • Penn State classes
    • Working with an ESL or classroom teacher at the elementary level
    • Planning and executing a 500 mile bike ride to raise awareness about, and money for, diabetes research
    • Research and creation of an in-school vertical garden to help provide greens to our cafeteria
    • Working with a professor on campus for the purpose of research or exploration of a specialized topic 
    • Extensive community service project such as designing, building, and setting up bird boxes around Centre County, or planning and teaching a dance class to young children
    • Job shadowing in a variety of professional offices -- legal, physical therapy, business and accounting
    • Working one-on-one with a coach in an area of particular skill or specialty -- music, dance, skating, or another sport
  • Program Requirements

    • Schedule a meeting with one of the teachers below to discuss your plans.   At this meeting, you will receive a contract (this contract will not be shared online) and parent permission for transportation form 
    • Type and submit a plan for what will occur during the scheduled OUT time and how the experience will support a future learning goal
    • For any sport experience (dance, ice-skating, hockey, horse-back riding, gymnastics, wrestling, swimning, etc.), a letter of recommendation from a current coach (sample letter of recommendation)
    • A resource person (a teacher, coach, or community member) who is aware of your plan and working with you in support of your goals.  This resource person must have their child-abuse clearances on file with the district, per the instructions on this page
    • A monthly log & reflection turned in to the OUT teacher.
    • Students must maintain superior academic performance (A's and B's) and be a full time student (a minimum of six classes, including Penn State) to remain in the OUT experience during school hours. 


  • Important notes: 

    • The school does not provide transportation to OUT experiences
    • The school can not guarantee parking passes for any student enrolled in the LE OUT program
    • Students cannot have LE OUT for the purpose of paid work.  Interested in a program that allows work?  Check out Diversified Occupations in the CTC. 

    Need more information?  Want to set up a meeting to discuss your plans?  Contact the LE/ARTsmART teacher below who is best suited to serve your needs. 

    • Sheila Abruzzo 9th and 10th grade Learning Enrichment Out contracts
    • Jennifer Rand 11th and 12th grade Learning Enrichment Out contracts 
    • Sarah Rito  ARTsmART Out contracts for experiences in the arts








Last Modified on February 12, 2024