Peer Tutors- Providing academic support to students during growls days. Tutors will be working in the grade level below theirs to help support students academically (homework/assignments/reteaching etc). Students in this committee must maintain A's and B's in their current classes. Students commit to tutoring for least once full marking period once a week during growls

    Peer Buddies- During Growls days, Peer Buddies will work with students with exceptionalities (playing games, reading books, and other activities). Students commit to meeting with their buddies for at least once full marking period once a week during growls

    5th grade PFMS Tours- Providing tours of PFMS to elementary students who visit in the spring. Students in this committee are required to sign up for Mr. Tranell's Lion Lead Tour Area for the entire marking period leading up to the tours.

    5th grade Elementary School Visits- Students in this committee will travel to at least one Elementary School ( along with the Counselors) to talk about the transition to PFMS middle school. These visits will occur in the spring

    Fundraising- Students in this committee will meet at least once a marking period during growls to brainstorm ideas for raising money for ROAR prizes and activities. Students also have the opportunity to work various fundraising events.

    Mascot- Students in this committee will wear the mascot costume at various events. Students can sign up to be the mascot at one of the four ROAR assemblies throughout the year, greeting students in the morning as they enter school, greeting students at 5th grade tours, or visiting elementary schools in the spring.